The twelth Imam (Cave/Bermuda resident) and how the Rafida youth are being fooled by the “Ayatullahs”


And whoever’s going to complain by saying that: “Well, are you going to judge Shi’ism by some comment of a laymen in the cyberspace?”

Our reply: “No, of course not, we seek refuge in Allah from that, that would be injustice and unacademical. Thanks to Allaah the Shia Raafidah clergy are literally having a race between themselves and other Mushriks, it’s like they want to prove that Shi’ism is the most superstitious and most heretical cult on earth, their followers have been brainwashed so what you’ve read above is actually what their major clergymen teach, like “Ayatullah” Ali Al-Korani, a Qom/Iran based “Ayatullah” from Lebanon who is a majort lecturer on many Shia Arab satellite channels. Among his teachings is the following:

As you can see we are following the advise of Shias who always tell Muslims that they shouldn’t inform themselves about Shi’ism by going to non-Shias, let alone enemies of Shi’ism. That’s not what we are doing, that’s not even necassary, all it needs to expose Shi’ism is to let their clergy open their mouth.

Oh, and as for the Mahdi being a caveman, then this is also being advocated by the “Marja’iyya” (“Ayatullas”) of Qom who advise the fooled Shia masses to write letters to the hidden, non-availible, non-guiding, useless, twelve Imam, just like the Jews do in Jerusalem (Jews are better though, for they at least address their letters to God only):

>>> Writing letters to cave/well Imam according to Shi’ism <<<