Revealing the truth. Exposing Tijani #3


We are continuing to expose lies of shia popular writer mr Tijani. This is the third post dedicated to this issue, check previous two.

Tijani says in his book “Then I was guided” (p 75):



The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, Study your religion until it is said that you are mad.

And in the footnote he gave book Sahih al-Bukhari 3/315.  This is blatant lie from mr Tijani, because  no one would find this hadith in the Saheeh of imam Bukhari.

And mr Tijani continued with ignorance at the page 91, by saying:


One of the most important studies which I consider to be the cornerstone for all the studies that lead to the truth is the research into the life of the Companions, their affairs, their deeds and their beliefs; because they were the foundations of everything, and from them we took the principles of our religion, and they enlightened our darkness, so that we can see the rules of Allah. Many Muslim scholars- convinced of the above – embarked on the study of the lives and deeds of the Companions, among them: “Usd al-Ghabah fi Tamyeez al-Sahabah”, and “al- Isabah fi Maarifat al-Sahabah”, and “Mizan al-I’tidal” and various other books which look critically and analytically at the lives of the Companions, but all from the point of view of the Sunnis.

And this man suppose to be sunni scholar before he accepted religion of shias? And scholar can say such nonsense like Mizanul Itidal is book about companions?

Author of Mizan, imam adh-Dhahabi said in the introduction to his book:

 أما الصحابة فلا أذكرهم لجلالتهم في هذا المصنف فإن الضعف جاء من جهة الرواة عنهم

as for companions,  I DIDN’T mention them in this book due to their lofty status, the weakness came from the way of transmitters from them (and not from them).

So else, if not an ignorant can say that book Mizanul Itidal was written about companions?