Revealing the truth. Exposing Tijani #4

Bismillah, in this post, which is number 4 in the series exposing Tijani, I would cite his other book “Shia Hum Ahle Sunnah”, which was also printed by Muasasat Fajr in London. (See cover page)

At page 46, he said:


When Ahmad ibn Hanbal withdrew his theory regarding the Holy Qur’an, fearing of al-Mu`tasim, and left his tribulation, he became after that quite famous, and during the reign of al-Mutawakil, when he was  among scholars of hadith like a shining star…

And Tijani said in the same book, p 93:



Likewise, the Shafi`i sect could not have spread nor gained any momentum had it not been for the support of Abbaside authorities during the time of al-Mu`tasim when Ibn Hanbal turned from his theory that the Holy Qur’an was created, so his star shone during the Nasibi caliph al-Mutawakkil.

Idea that Imam Ahmad turned away from his point of view is nothing but a blatant lie and ignorance. Stance and steadiness of Imam during the time of tribulation is known and well recorded in the books, AND NO WHERE you can see that he turned away from his view due to fear! He was known only for one stance: Quran isn’t created! That is it!

Imam said: Quran is the word of Allah Azwajal and not created. See: Masail and Rasail marwi an Imam Ahmad fil Aqeeda (1/187)

This view was reported from Imam by 30 of his companions. See same book and place. And we challenge all shias, ask their scholars or mr Tijani himself, where is it written that Imam Ahmad said Quran is created, out of fear or due to any other reason!