Esteemed Shia Scholar exposes the bitter truth about the 12th Imam.


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One of the biggest Shia scholars of our times refutes the Shia myth regarding the guidance of 12th Imam.

Shia scholar Muhammad Asif Muhsini said in his book “Mashra`at Bihar al-Anwar”, volume 1 page 408:
الغيبة التي امتدت أكثر من ألف سنة وربما تمتد إلى آلاف أو ملايين السنين. فإن المؤمنين لم ينتفعوا ولا ينتفعون من إمامهم الغائب – عجل الله تعالى فرجه – في الأصول والفروع ، وما يقال بخلاف ذلك فهو تخيل وتوهم ولعب بالعقول
[This Ghaybah that has taken more than a thousand years and maybe it shall keep going for thousands or millions of years. The believers living in it did not and do not benefit from their hidden Imam(may Allah hasten his appearance) in Usool or Furu`, and all else which is said is nothing but illusions and imaginations and playing with people’s minds.]
Muhammad Asif Muhsini said in the same book volume 2 page 223:
ولا يمكن القول بانتفاعنا منه عليه السلام في زمن الغيبة في الأمور الدينية إلا ممن سلب الله عقله
[It is not possible for us to say that we benefit from him (peace be upon him) in religious matters during his Ghaybah, except those whom Allah has robbed them of intellect.]
Finally Muhammad Asif Muhsini said in footnote #1, in volume 1 page 82:
وأي فائدة لهذه الأحكام المخزونة عند الأئمة: والمكلفون يحرمون منها في أكثر من ألف سنة ولعله في ألف مليون سنة
[And what benefit does this knowledge stored with Imams hold: when the Mukallafoun(Shia) are deprived from it for more than a thousand years, and maybe it’ll last for a billion years.]