Abu Bakr, Omar and Othman at Karbala! – Do Sunnis neglect the tragedy of Karbala’?

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What about us Muslims, the Sunnah the non-Rafidah Shia heretics, aren’t we neglecting Al-Hussein and the tragedy of Karbala?

First off

wailing i.e. not simply crying (used to be done by the WOMEN of Jahiliyah only! And today by Rafidah “men”!), wearing black for mourning (what Christians and other Mushriks do), Striking Cheeks and Tearing Clothes (let alone beating the chest and back with chains

and razors), Preparing of Food by the Family of the Deceased i.e. basically Shia Rafidah Muharram processions are the essence of Zandaqah (heresy), one part of the mission of the monothestic warrior of Islam, the last Messenger of God, Muhammad (SAWS) was to annihilate all those heresies (he did allow mourning under the guidlines of the Shar’iah, not the heresies of the Shia) and the mission of the Rafidah Shia clergy (“Ayatollahs”) seems to be exactly the opposite i.e. reviving all those Jahiliyyah practices under the name of “the Islam of the holy household” and “loving Hussein” slogans (empty rethorics).

The Muslims love and remember all great Islamic personalities BUT singling out a day and taking it as a death anniversary wasn’t done by any of the Salaf, neither the Prophet, the Ahl Al-Bayt nor the Sahaba. The master of the Martyres is Hamza, the uncle of the Prophet (the Rafidah have stolen this title and have given it to Al-Hussein) was brutally martyred yet neither the Prophet, nor his companions nor anyone among the Ahl Al-Bayt took his death as an anniversary for lamenting and mourning. Hence not doing what the Rafidah Shia do has got nothing to do with “neglecting” the Ahl Al-Bayt, otherwise the Ahl Al-Sunnah could be accused of neglecting Omar, Othman and Hamza, the three martyrs who were brutally killed (one in prayer, one while reading the Qur’an and Hamza while doing Jihad!). The likes of Shaykh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, Al-Suyuti, Ibn Al-Qayyim, Ibn Kathir (the last two both students of Ibn Taymiyyah!) and those before and after them have all praised Al-Hussein, cursed his murderers and covered the event of Karbala’, many Sunnis being ignorant of that is the problem of the average laymen, who unfortunately don’t know much about the Sirah of the Prophet (SAWS), let alone the Sirah of Al-Hussein’s life.

Anyway, those very scholars (while praising Al-Husseina and covering the tragedy of Karbala’) also condemned (rightfully) the Rafidah, for what they do in the name of Al-Hussein is anything but love as being explained in the following comp. of Fatawa and articles:

Article: A Sunnah rejection of Rafidi & Nasibi heresy – truth about Karbala.