The Imams can change the Religion

The Shia claim that their Imams are here to explain the religion and preserve the guidance which was revealed on the Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam), this is what they tell us but does it stop here or do these Imams go further and act like 12 Prophets?

كتب الشيخ جعفر السبحاني في كتابه مفاهيم القران ج1 تحت عنوان: الشيعة وفكرة حق التشريع للأئمة
” نشر الكاتب إبراهيم السليمان الجهمان مقالا في مجلة «الدعوة» تحت عنوان «مزاعم طائفة الشيعة» جاء فيه بأكاذيب وافتراءات على هذه الطائفة هم برآء منها، ومما جاء فيه: أن الشيعة تزعم أن للأئمة حق التشريع والنسخ (أي نسخ الأحكام).إن هذا إلا افتراء وكذب ألصقه بهم هذا الكاتب غير المكترث بما يقول “

Sheikh Ja’afar al-Subhani a famous Shia scholar defends his sect in the book “Mafaheem al-Qur’aan” volume 1 under the chapter “The shia and the idea that the Imams have the right of Tashri’i”He says: “The writer Ibrahim Suleiman has published an article in a magazine called “al-Da’awah” under the title “Maza’im Taefat al-Shia” in which he collected lies and falsehood from which our sect is innocent, and from what he wrote is: “The Shia claim that their Imams have the right of Tashri’i and Naskh” This is nothing but lies from this irresponsible writer”

Let me try to explain the terms here so that you’d understand what that irresponsible writer was attributing to the Shia sect:

Tashri’i = Announcing new religious laws.
Naskh = Abrogating old religious laws.

The writer claimed that the Imams have the right to announce and establish new religious laws and to abrogate and cancel out old laws which are already established.

Now to see who is the irresponsible liar I will quote both al-Sistani and al-Khoei:

الرافد في علم الأصول – تقرير بحث السيستاني ، للسيد منير – ص 26
1 – النسخ : وتحدثنا فيه عن امكان صدور النسخ من قبل أهل البيت عليهم السلام للآية القرآنية والحديث النبوي والحديث المعصومي السابق ، وأقسام النسخ من النسخ التبليغي الذي يعني كون الناسخ مودعا عندهم عليهم السلام من قبل الرسول صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم لكنهم يقومون بتبليغه في وقته ، والنسخ التشريعي وهو عبارة عن صدور النسخ منهم ابتداءا وهذا يبتني على ثبوت حق التشريع لهم عليهم السلام كما كان ثابتا للرسول ، صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم وقد طرحنا هذا الموضوع أيضا ضمن بحث النسخ .

First of all Sistani answers in “al-Rafid fi ‘Ilm al-Usool – taqrir bahs al-Sistani” by al-Sayyed Muneer page 26:

“Naskh: we talked in it about the possibility that Ahlul-Bayt (as) can abrogate the Qur’anic verse or the Prophetic Hadith or the Hadith of the previous infallible, the types of abrogation are al-Naskh al-Tablighee which means that the information of the abrogation has been given to them (as) by the Prophet SAWS but they announce it in its time, then there is al-Naskh al-Tashri’ee meaning that the abrogation can come from them initially based on the fact that they have the right of Tashri’i just like the Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) had it and we discussed the topic also in the research of Naskh.”

Now we read what al-Khoei has said about the infallible being able to abrogate/cancel the rulings of the Quran:

إن الحكم الثابت بالقرآن ينسخ بالسنة المتواترة ، أو بالاجماع القطعي الكاشف عن صدور النسخ عن المعصوم عليه السلام

“A Hukm (ruling) established in the Qur’aan can be abrogated by a successively and uninterruptedly transmitted hadeeth, or by a definition consensus that demonstrated the abrogation was based on the opinion that came from the infallibles.”

Source: Al-Khoei, Al-Bayaan fee Tafseer Al-Qur’aan, pg. 192 or 286.

Ayatullah Meshkini wrote: “When imam Mahdi will come, he will carry out all functions of last prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam), except prophecy. That will include control of divine legislation, it is mean that he could change them (divine legislation) in accordance to time and society needs”. ( see “Vajib and haram” p 8, published by “Daneshe hamidun”)

Might I remind the readers about fasting on ‘Ashura and how the Imams decided that after al-Hussein (ra) martyred that we must break our fast on ‘Asr in the tenth of Muharram. Something unheard of during the time of the Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam)  and examples like these are too numerous to count.

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