New bestiality of the cult of Shirk – “Ayatollahs” encourage child abuse on Ashura!


“The beating of bodies and shedding of bloods that you see is from the practices of ordinary and ignorant people. No one of the ulama ever practices it. In fact, they always prevent and prohibit it.”

Now this Tijani is a known charlatan you might say (there is a whole section in exposing his numerous on our RIGHT SIDE BAR), but so is every Rafidhi who claims that “all” or most” of the grand “Ayatollahs” of Shiism are against the barbaric, bloody, savage, backward, hindu-catholic and inhumane practices of Ashura done by Shias all over the world, this is because the opposite is the truth i.e. all the bloodshed you have seen by the maniac pagan Shia masses are all APPROVED and HIGHLY LIKED by the ABSOLUTE MAJORITY of their TOP “SCHOLARS” i.e. “Ayadollahs” (“the miracles/signs of Allah”!!!) as being proved by (some) Shias themselves, with verdicts and VIDEOS. 

Yes, you read and seen that right. They use knives, swords and razorblades to cut themselves. They even open kids’ heads. They do it to themselves as well, of course, and far worse. But we don’t care about that (may they throw themselves from towers on Ashura). It’s their mutilation of kids that gets everyones dander up, and now guess what … YES, that thing (slicing up infants and childrens heads with massive knifes/blades/swords etc.)  is holy too, according to the unholy and accursed “Miracles/signs of Allah” (“Ayatollahs”):


cutting childrenfinal




 [NOTE: We urge you to spread the banner everywhere you can, especially to non-Muslims and Muslims who are ignorant about the reality of Shiism. Many of these barbaric and child absusing ceremonies are hold in the west like New York, Sidney, London, see here:

1. Bloody rites and agonising ceremony: Devotees turn mosque floor red during mass flagellation to mourn Shiite martyr

2. Shia Muslim convicted of child cruelty after forcing two boys to flog themselves

3. Ashura bloodbath in New York at the IMAM AL-KHOE CENTER IN NEW YORK

4. New bestiality of the cult of Shirk – “Ayatollahs” encourage child abuse on Ashura!

And contrary to the Shia propaganda that “most Ayatollahs condemn such barbaric acts”, the bloody truth is that most “Ayatollahs” ACTIVELY promote and advocate such beliefs, as proved by Shias themselves:

Hence, inform your authorities about these beasts and make aware that Islam is innocent of Shiism. Banners in Arabic and other languages will follow soon In Sha Allah, stay tuned and bookmark this post to be updated.]

7 thoughts on “New bestiality of the cult of Shirk – “Ayatollahs” encourage child abuse on Ashura!

  1. According to Ahl-ul-Sunnah Wal Jama’ah, a person must not shed tears or mourn for his/ her beloved for more than 3 days, this view is unanimously agreed among the so called scholars of Ahl-ul-Sunnah. But they purposely ignore the extensive grief of Hazrath Yaqub (AS) for his alive son Hazrath Yusuf (AS), let me quote that verse for Nasibis.

    وَ تَوَلَّى عَنْهُمْ وَ قالَ يا أَسَفى‏ عَلى‏ يُوسُفَ وَ ابْيَضَّتْ عَيْناهُ مِنَ الْحُزْنِ فَهُوَ كَظيمٌ
    “And he turned away from them and said: ‘Alas for Yusuf! ‘ And his eyes became white with the grief of that he repressed.” [Surah Yusuf 12:84]

    May I ask the so called scholars of Nasibis that what is their fatwa on grief of Hazrath Yaqub (AS) for his ALIVE SON that he lost his eye-sight ? Your claim is pretty much clear to us that harming oneself is prohibited in Islam, if that is the case what is your fatwa on Yaqub (AS) who mourned for his alive son Yusuf (AS) so much so that his eye-sight were lost. Blood shedding on Ashura is an essence of this verse that the lovers of Imam Al-Hussain (AS) shed their blood and use to feel the pain when they remember the sufferings of Aseeraan-e-Kerbala who were taken from Kerbala to Kufa and from Kufa to Shaam and in the roadways of their journey they were beaten up with whip and were slapped by the accursed army on their backs, so harming oneself in memory of their beloved is never condemned in Qur’an rather it is as per the Sunnah of Yaqub (AS).

    • first of all yaqub alayh alsalam did not do this for a sunnah you never see the children of yusef bany israel doing it second why are you guys crying for alhussains death why not alrasool sala allahu alayh wa salam why husaynyat and not muhamadyat you using a lose of a fathers son is so stupid its like saying ill throw my little boy in a box and throw him in a river and wait tell he comes to me a grown man and when you ask me why i did that ill say because i read in the quran that um(MOTHER) musa alayh alsalam did that so we must do that to why didn’t the khumayny shed his blood the only (EMPTY HEADED DELUSIONAL ZOMBIES (your one of them by the way) ) shed theirs and …( so harming oneself in memory of their beloved is never condemned in Qur’an rather it is as per the Sunnah of Yaqub (AS).) so one must hurt himself in memory of their beloved one OK that’s just LOCO Spanish for crazy are you telling me that i must shed my blood in memory of a loved one you need help (psychological help) i end my words with poetry just for you يامن زعمتم حب آل نبيكم *** أخلت جماجمكم من الألبابِ ؟
      تمشون في درب الضلال معتباٍ *** قد كُفّيت عثراته بضبابِ

  2. Yes Yaqub (as) did this not to make a sunnah rather it was his feelings for his lost son, it is common human feeling that he/ she cry for his beloved, even Prophets (as) were not saved from this fitrati thing, Yaqub (as) loved his son so much that he was unable to forget Yusuf (as) and he was aggrieved because of his separation. This you will never understand because you don’t possess heart and only those who possess heart will cry for their beloveds, Shiah love progeny of Prophet Muhammad (saaw) so much that they can die for Imam Hussain (as) and as said above we possess heart so we mourn on his mazloomiyat and on his shahadat.

    Even our Prophet Muhammad (saaw) declared Aamul Huzn (the one whole year of grief) when he lost two of his beloved protectors Hazrath Khadija (sa) & Hazrath Abu Talib (as) in a single year so he declared that year as a year of grief. Similarly he ordered people of Madina to mourn death of Hazrath Hamza (AS) in the form of gathering after the battle of Uhad. So mourning on someone whom you love was neither condemned by Allah (swt) nor prohibited by Prophet Muhammad (saaw).

    So it is better that first you try to gain some human sentiments then only you will get to know the purpose of Azadari and rituals related to Imam Al-Mazloom Syed-ush-Shohada (AS).

    اپنا کوی مرتا ہے تو روتے ہیں تڑپکر
    پر صبطِ پیمبر کا کبھی غم نہی کرتے
    ہمّت ہے تو محشر میں پیمبر سے یہ کہنا
    ہم زندہ و جاوید کا ماتم نہی کرتے

  3. ^What has crying to do with the filth and savagery your filthy turbanised devils spread? Slicing up heads with knifes, blades and swords, even INFANTS?! You blind Safavid Rafidi, you arenot seeing the wood for the trees, completely blinded!

  4. Salaam,
    1.) We shi’as ‘slice ourselves’ to remember the pain and hardships Hussain(a.s) & his 72 followers went through on the holy day of Ashura.
    2.) Thank you answeringsunni for explaining to these people about why we cry, and mourn in Muharram. Though, our love for Hussain and his family is undefinable, so we commemorate the tragedy all year long.
    3.) Venomas, you know how they say in a couple of Islamic rules (in your case, tradition)”to chose your name wisely because that name’s meaning describes you?” Well, it fits perfect…you really are venomous.
    4.) Who you people calling, ’empty headed delusional zombies’ & Safavid Rafidi’???

    Wasalaam, ILTEMAZ E DUA

    • You mentally sick individual, your brother in mental ilness ‘answering sunni’ answering nothing! Absolutely irrelevant what he posted, crying over the dead (within the boundaries of the shari3a) is something ALL Muslims agree on. What the Prophet (SAWS) has forbidden is to slap oneself etc. LET ALONE slicing yourselves! The article is about slicing up INFANTS heads and you savage DEFEND it! Thank YOU for exposing the true faces of your savage cult and that many of you Rafidah agree with the filth your Ayatullats preach!

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