Omar’s poodle Ali Ibn Abi Talib – It’s a Rafidhi’s world


On the left you can see the visualisation of the Rafidhi belief of “the broken rib” (read a detailed rebuttal of all their lies, HERE). It is quite normal for these pagans to potray the Prophets (!), Ahl Al-Bayt and the Sahaba in the most pagan manner possible in their temples (“Husseiniyyah”), hence they also dedicate some idols for “the broken rib” fairy-tale. First to get an impression (including a special effect-Rafidhi-made theathric part of that so called incident) made by Rafidha, watch the following:

Funky, isn’t it? So called “Coward” Omar dragging “brave” Ali through the streets of Madinah like a poodle. OH WAIT! Ali did this to SAVE Islam (say Rawafidh)!You know the Islam including its most important pillar (“Wilayah”), its branches like prayer, Zakah, fasting etc. Ali had to be Omar’s poodle so he can save Islam … that Islam that was distorted (acc. to Shiism) anyway …

Here a comment by an Ex-Shia:

Come on, what should Ali have done? HELLO?! He was BUSY compiling the Qur’an (the one with the right Tafsir which is HIDDEN with the HIDDEN saviour). Also IF he would have done anything than Islam would have been destroyed! Although, errr … our great Maharajas (“Marjas”) do say that Islam, right after the demise of the Prophet (صل الله عليه و آله) – from Aqeedah to Fiqh –  had beene distorted, even the Hajj and prayer were tampered, except among a minority of chosen ones, like chemical Zurarah, our great narrator who liked to fart in the beard of our 6th infallible, as for the rest of the Ummah, and even Shia, well just read about the Waqifiyyah and Fathiyyah a Bakri might say … but that’s another story.

 You know, actually … WAIT! Our great Firetemple priest Yasser Al-Habib gave a GREAT answer on Faduck TV as to why Ali did not defend Fatimah (although he had plenty of time+super powers). Our holy priest said that Othman the third Caliph of the Bakris did not protect his wive too … hmm but isn’t that Qiyas, and isn’t Qiyas absolutely forbidden in our sect? Anyway, forget about the Qiyas part, we, the Shit-ites do like to compare and make Qiyas between a  eighty (!!!) years old man (Khalifah Othman) and a young fresh Ali Ibn Abi Talib who had the power of controlling every single atom (“Wilayah Al-Takwiniyyah belief, that Khomeini and all Shia Ayatullahs ascribe to our Imams), except the atoms of Abu Bakr and Omar I guess …. hmm … anyway we like to make this Qiyas (analogy) Priest Yasser does it too, you know, well … right … Othman was stormed by a MOB of KILLERS and he had no super power unlike Superman, Spiderman, the Fantastic four and of course our holy infallibles who have authority over the atoms of the universe, heck Ali’s sword (if it wasn’t for Jibra’il) would have had cut the earth in two halfs,  Ali is not even present in this Dunya yet he can hear the request of millions in different languages, at different time and space and deliver them to Allah (like Catholics believe regarding their saints), nah rather he HIMSELF comes to the help (“Ya Ali Madad”) to the Afghani, Irani, Arab, Pakistani, English etc. Shi’ite when he calls upon him … Now imagine how mighty he must have been when he was alive and not buried.

 Comparing Ali to a over an over eighty years old man seems somehow dodgy I agree, but we are Rawafidh, we do Qiyas day and night, on top of it we make the most stupid Qiyas one ever could do, we just add a “refutation” to that to impress our gullible followers. But yeah, in a way I agree … actually … better not to compare him with Othman’s case at all, before the Bakris crease up, for at the end of the day Othman’s WIVE had more manhood than (our Shi’ite version of) Ali, because although she was an old woman she actually STOOD up and defended her husband against the assassinators until they CUT OFF her fingers! Ali didn’t even LIFT a finger, poor man was so busy compiling the Qur’an with its CORRECT Tafseer, which unfortunately is NOT accessable to ANYONE in the world due to our holy hidden well/cellar dwelling saviour being into occultation and having taken it with himself.

 But then, some of our great miracles of Allah (Ayadollars) say thatAli DID do something, he did defend his wife, in fact he BROKE Omar’s nose and sat on his chest and was about to KILL him! ROARRRRR, this is the lion of Allah after all … until, yeah … until he REMEMBERED the will of the Prophet صل الله عليه و آله, because the Prophet told him NOT to do anything if people take his rights (unless Ali finds enough supporters i.e. 313) … you see now it makes PERFECTLY sense … ABAL-FAZLLLL! Oh, no … it doesn’t! I hope no Sunni reads this here, because first of all (acc. to us Shias) the Prophet told Ali not to do anything and have patience if they take his rights, he did not say don’t do anything against those who will try to kill your wive. Secondly, the other addition that Ali DID resist against the assaulters makes the whole case much worse for us Shias, because it COMPLETELY destroys the infallibility concept of our Imams, for  the story says that Ali (ALTHOUGH BEING ORDERED NOT TO DO ANYTHING), was about to KILL Omar and actually BROKE his nose, until he >>> REMEMBERED <<< the will of the Prophet i.e. ALI FORGOT the will AND acted against the Prophets will (for a while) just after he remembered the will, he stopped beating Omar. Forgetting even the TINIEST thing and acting against the will of the Prophet is KUFR, that makes Ali a Kafir. What a mess … So we Shia better shut up and keep smacking our chests and heads with razor blades, the holy Ayadollars will bring up some other good explenation, they will, they will … Salavaaat.

(DISCLAIMER: The story above is from Rafidywood, SOME sane Ayatullahs themselves could not believe it, like Ayatollah Fadhlallah and even Al-Khoie did not express their belief in this incident, the former doubted it even, instead of being rewarded he was accused of being a heretic by all other major “Ayatullahs”.)

3 thoughts on “Omar’s poodle Ali Ibn Abi Talib – It’s a Rafidhi’s world

  1. Assalamu alaikum. Hope Allah guides you, first of all Ali (a.s) was “one of the four” caliphates of islam, so you calling him a poodle is a great disgrace to muslims, he was the closest companion to our prophet (pbuh), the first man to embrace islam.
    Secondly what right did omar in killing fatima, daughter of the prophet?
    The fact that he took away Ali’s rights doesn’t mean a thing to you, you are so blinded by the idea that Shias are pagan/kafir, go do some more research, Yazid and muawiyah couldn’t have leaders after the “4 caliphates”. They were tyrants. They oppressed people.
    Oh and by the way why do fold your hands praying, the prophet never did it. Omar started that tradition.
    Taqiyah or mahtam doesn’t mean go hit your self with knifes, it’s haram to do so, simply and the only way is to hit yourself in way that its doesnt cause alot of pain or any pain.

    • Yeah, these opponents of Shiism are very strange, they say we hit ourselves with knives in Muharram, yes we use knives and chains, but they are not sharp, it looks horrible but in reality, it is all peaceful matam, and the red thing is not blood, it is only red ink which is not wrong at all. It is used in movies and dramas also.

    • 1. We never called Ali (RA) a poodle, can’t you comprehend basic English rethoric speech? We wrote that acc. to SHIISM he is a poodle, acc. to us Muslims he is the lion of Allah. We even put a DISCLAIMER at the end, but you seem to be blinded from shirk or matam or from both.

      2. Omar did not started the folding of the arms in prayer, this is what your Persian Majoosi “Ayatollahs” feed you with in your temples. The folding of the arms has been AUTHENTICALLY narrated by over 20 SAHABA (!), including Bani Hashimis/Ahl Al-Bayt such as ALI (!) and Ibn Abbas.

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