The Shia practice of the forbidden temporary marriage

zzzzzzardAll praise is due to Allah, Whom we ask for help and forgiveness. We seek the protection of Allah from the sins of ourselves and our deeds. No one can misguide whom He guides, and whom He does not guide, will never find a guide.

I testify that there is no God but Allah, the One with no partner, and that Muhammad (s.a.w) is His slave and Messenger.

In the days before the battle of khaibar the Prophet (may Peace Be Upon Him) permitted the use of temporary marriage.

“Narrated Salama bin Al-Akwa’ (r.a): ‘In the year of Autas, Allahs Messenger (may Peace Be Upon Him) permitted a temporary marriage for three nights, but he prohibited it afterwards.” {Sahih Muslim}

Unfortunately the Shiah had conveniently forgotten the part where it was forbidden, and have fabricated many lies trying to justify this clear haram act…. Insha-Allah firstly I will quote just some of the hadeeth clearly stating that this form of marriage is haram.

  •  “Narrated ‘Ali (r.a): Allah’s Messenger (may Peace Be Upon Him) forbade the temporary marriage in the year of khaibar.”   {Sahih Muslim & Sahih Bukhari}
  • “Narrated ‘Ali (r.a): At the battle of Khaibar, the Prophet (may Peace Be Upon Him) forbade the temporary marriage (i.e Mu’ta) of women, and the eating of the flesh of domestic asses.”      {Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Ahmad, An-Nasa’i, At-Termidhi and Ibn Majah have all collected it}
  • “Narrated Rabi bin Sabra on the Authority of his father: ‘Allah’s Messenger (may Peace Be Upon Him) said: “I had permitted you the temporary marriage of women, but Allah has prohibited you from that till the day of Resurrection. So if anyone has a woman by temporary marriage he should let her go; and do not take back any of your gifts from them.”   {Sahih Muslim , Abu Dawud, An-Nasai and Ibn Majah}

Anyone with the right mind can see that temporary marriage is clearly forbidden, but again the shia have rejected all Hadeeth in this matter and still continue to follow their desires, even if it is zina (fornication, adultury etc.).

Insha-Allah one can not compare the above hadeeth with some fabricated lies from the Shia:

Aytollah  Khomaini stated in his book “Tahir-u-Wasila, Vol 2, P.292” that Temporary marriage can be for one day, a night, and even just a few hours! but for khomaini that was not enough so he further states in the same book on page 292, that temporary marriage can be performed with harlots and prostitutes.

Now I will quote a fabricated shia lie with was attributed to Muhammad (may Peace Be Upon Him):

On page 356 in volume 1 of ‘Tafseer Minhajul Sadiqeen’ it is mentioned that Muhammad (may Peace Be Upon Him) said: “One who performs Mu’ta (temporary marriage) one will attain the rank of Imam Husain; one who performs it twice will attain the rank of Imam Hasan; one who performs it thrice will attain the rank of Ameeral Mo’mineen (Ali r.a) and one who performs it four times will attain my rank.

Subhanallah!!! is this the lowest the Shia can get???? sleep with a prostitute and get instant Paradise????? However for the shia this can never be enough… they have still worse to come.

Infact the amount of Shia references would be enough to fill a book on this subject.. as the shia indeed try at every step to justify this forbidden act.

In the Shia Book “Minhaj us Sadiqeen” in volume 1, it is written in clear words that the number of women that a person can be engaged with in temporary marriage at the same time in unlimited….

May Allah guide and protect us from this and all the other Shia filth that they try to enforce upon us….

Any good out of this, is from Allah. And any error in this is from myself and Shaytan.