Shia leader: Sunnies more impure than wet dogs

al-Salamu `Aleykum,

Not a very important thread but here you go.

We all know that an opinion in Shiasm says that the Muslims are apparently pure but in reality they are as filthy as animals, here’s more of that from their Grand Ayatullat al-Marji` al-Mirza Hashim al-Aamili “ميرزا هاشم الآملي” who says in his book “al-Ma`alim al-Ma’thoura” 2/258-259:

أقول إن المشهور طهارة العامة ومنشأ الاختلاف إن الاعتقاد بالإمامة هل يكون مقوّم الإسلام أم لا فإنهم وإن كانوا كفرة وكالكلب الممطور في الباطن كما في الجواهر ولكنهم طاهرون بحسب الظاهر ولا يخفى إن البحث يكون فيمن لا يعتقد إمامة الأئمة عليهم السّلام المسمى بالسني

[I say: what is popular is the purity of the mainstream Muslims(`Amah) and the origin of the disagreement is if Imamah is a condition of Islam or not. Even though they are Kouffar and like wet dogs on the inside as was mentioned in “al-Jawahir” but they are pure on the outside. It is not hidden that the matter being discussed is concerning he who does not believe in the Imamah of the twelve (as) or what is called “Sunni”.]

What he means by “al-Jawahir” is the book written by their leader Muhammad Hassan al-Najafi who said on vol.6 pg.57:

فهو من أقوى الأدلة على طهارة هؤلاء الكفرة ، وإن كانوا في المعنى أنجس من الكلاب الممطورة

[It is one of the strongest opinions for the purity of those Kouffar, although in reality they are more impure than wet dogs.]

Why did they use the term “wet dogs” to refer to those who oppose them?

Their scholar Yusuf al-Bahrani explains in “al-Hada’iq al-Nadirah” 8/370:

يعني الكلاب التي أصابها المطر مبالغة في نجاستهم

[Meaning dogs who have been exposed to rain to exaggerate their impurity.]

Not only do they claim the Muslims (Ahlul-Sunnah) are dogs, that is apparently not enough, we are now “wet dogs” according to their leaders.