Tahrif of hadith

Salam alaikum, years ago we presented to respected reader saheeh shia hadith, that Quran previously contain 17000 verses.

Here scan copy of mention narration from Usool al-Kafi, printed by Darul Adwa, thk: Ali Akbar al-Ghifare


Let us see how this hadith changed when this book was printed by Darul Hadith al-Ilmiya as-Saqafiya:




Verily, the Qur’an which Gibril [as] came up with to Muhammad [saw] is 7,000 verses

So with the help of shia editors, 17000 became 7000. Easy, huh?


2 thoughts on “Tahrif of hadith

  1. It is interesting that such a thing would be resorted to, especially since the Shias come up with lively explanations about such narrations. Perhaps these were still not enough to convince their readers, and they had to resort to such changes.

    Even then, it would still be about 700 Verses over the top, so it was probably a momentary switch that does not work in any way [because now the people will not think of “Text+ Explanation” is 17 thousand Verses, but will think only in terms of text only, and the problems for them will only grow.

  2. Assalamualaikum, can u please translate the takhrij hadith for this hadith? (footnote no 3) i have been in some discussion with my friend who is sad to say has a huge tedency to shiism and i mentioned to him how their imams/fatawa flip flop a lot of times. (in this case, the tahrif alQuran issue) How since they now realize how prosporeus this ‘fact’ maybe, suddenly now the change saying that the quran now is complete. Will appreciate if u can translate my request and perhaps show me how their ‘authentic’ hadith narrations/major scholars shows their tedency towards this stupid belief.
    Jazzakallah khaira

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