al-Khabith on Khamenei

Shaykh of rafida, yasir al-khabith said at his official site:

In fact, the Council of Experts in Iran appointed Khamanaei in that position; he was not chosen by his predecessor. There were only allegations that his predecessor selected him.

The Iranians, ordinary Iranians, had no saying in the appointment of the “Supreme Leader”.

The well known and recognised Jurists of our Seminaries in Qum and Najaf reject him. They do not acknowledge his position.

When some Jurists publicaly or indirectly stated their position regarding Khamanaei, they were subjugated to systematic oppression by his regime.

His Jurisprudential accomplishments are low. He has not attained the High Grade, Kitab Al Kifayah for example. Not to mention, there had been no record for him in the direction of successful achievement of a lengthy formal Dissertation (Bahthu al Kharij).

He was occupied with political affairs. He is still over occupied with political issues. No Just Jurist had ever testified that he was qualified. He received his credentials from politicians dressed up in religious uniforms. In other words, he received his testimonials from the Mullahs in the Council of Experts.

There are no known Jurisprudential masterpieces, dissertations, critiques and reports attributed to Khamanaei. There is a modest production on the (Mandean Sabians), its content is modest and its authoritative level is equally modest.

This modest religious output of his can only indicate that the “Supreme Leader” is truly a scholar of the fifth or sixth grade.

al-khabith on khamenei