Nasibi shias claim Imam Ja’far was a hypocrite

No one harmed ahlul-bait from time of Ali, Hasan, Hussein and till the 11th Imam more than rafidi shias. For example forefathers of shias were the ones who lured Hussein (ra) to Karbala and then left him all along to deal with the authorities. And ever since then they always tried to create rift between Imams and those in power by spreading rumors and lies that Imams claimed godly attributes for themselves.

Such lies angered Imams a lot and they openly cursed shias many times. These curses have been recorded by shias themselves in their hadeeths books. Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq was another victim of shia nawasib. Shias wanted him to get killed on grounds of heresy, so they started their evil propaganda that Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq claims he knows all Unseen matters. When news reach Imam Ja’far about nasibi shias spreading lies on him, he immediately came out of his house in angry state and gave short sermon in public saying, ‘How odd! People (shia nawasib) claim we have the Knowledge of the Unseen, whereas no one knows the Unseen except Allah. I desired to beat my female servant but she ran away and I didn’t know in which room of my house she was hiding.’

Of course this sermon completely exposed shia nawasib and their lies on Imams. So shias started spreading another lie on Imam Ja’far saying that Imam Ja’far says, “Hypocrisy and deception is from my religion and the religion of my fathers.” By this lie they want to give signal to the authorities that Imam Ja’far was lying to them when he claimed he does not know the unseen as he feared for his life.

But the rope of lies is always short. If indeed Imam Ja’far (ra) knew the Unseen, he would have walked care free on streets and no soul could harm him. Even if the humans and Jinn combined together to bring an inch of harm to Imam Ja’far, they would have failed miserably because the One who created the Earth and lifted the Heavens without pillars (Allah) said, no harm can reach a person who know the Unseen.

Say, “I hold not for myself [the power of] benefit or harm, except what Allah has willed. And if I knew the unseen, I could have acquired much wealth, and no harm would have touched me. (7:188)

This verse completely destroys rafidi religion and their lies on Imams when they claim the reason why Imams hide this power (i.e. knowledge of Unseen) was due to their fear from getting harmed or killed by the authorities. Whereas Knowledge of the Unseen harm can never go hand in hand.

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