Lie of Khomayni

May Allah disgrace Khomayni in both of the worlds!

In his book “Kashful asrar” (p 143) he wrote that Abul Abbas ibn Uqda wrote the book about chains of hadith al-Qadir. And as you can see Khomayni claimed that ibn Uqda was from prominent sunnis!

khomayni on ibn uqda


But imam Dhahabi said in Mizanul itidal (1/136) about this ibn Uqda:

شيعي متوسط. ضعفه غير واحد، وقواه آخرون.

Average shia, was weakened by more than one (scholar) and strengthen by others.



2 thoughts on “Lie of Khomayni

  1. Ibn `Uqda was a Zaydi, in actuality. That is why al-Dhahabi said Moderate Shia.

  2. Ibn `Uqda was actually a Zaydi, which is why al-Dhahabi said moderate Shia.

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