Zurara, and what do you know about Zurara?

O shias! Do you know all truth about your so called superman – narrator of majority of your ahadeth? Do you know Zurara?

Your shaykh al-Mamiqani in his “Saheefatul abrar” (1/170) wrote:


Said your shaykh, allama (al-Madjlisi) in Bihar: Possible (apparent) that Zurara use to DENY NARRATIONS ABOUT THEIR (IMAMS) MERITS, WHICH HE COULDN’T UNDERSTAND BY HIS MIND.

If someone from muslims would do that, you would hasten to accuse him in nasb! But Zurara? What excuse you find for him?

Do you know Zurara as innovator?

As it was reported by Toose in “Ihtiyar marifatul Rijal” :

Imam Abu Abdullah said: No one brought to Islam as much innovation as Zurara did. MAY ALLAH CURSE ZURARA!

And he cursed Zurara 3 times on the other occasion.

And we also say: AMEEN to this dua of imam Jafar!

May Allah curse all ghulat, each and everyone who ascribed divinity to Imams! Each and every one who innovated on their behalf!