Ali’s appeal to his sons on the murder of Usman

Salam alaikum.

Ali loved Othman, just as the Sunnis (whom the Rafidah used to call Umayyads, and today Wahhabis) do:

Shia historian al-Masoode wrote in his book “Muruj az-zahab” (2/270) :

Muruj az zahab_maqtal Osman

Translation 1 underlined:

And when it was reached to Ali that they want to kill him (Usman), he sent his sons al-Hasan and al-Husain with freed slave with their weapons to his doors to help him.  And he ordered them (sons) to prevent them (murders). And Zubair sent his son Abdullah, and Talha sent his son Muhammad, AND MAJORITY OF SONS OF COMPANIONS WERE SENT BY THEIR FATHERS TO OBEY REGARDING WHAT WE MENTIONED.

Translation 2 underlined:

(after the murder of Usman, Ali) said to his sons: “How Commander of Faithful was murdered when you were (protecting him) on (his) door?” He slapped Hasan, beaten Husayn on his chest, abused Muhammad ibn Talha and cursed Abdullah ibn Zubair. Talha said to him: Don’t beat o Abul Hasan, don’t abuse and don’t curse. If he would give them Marwan, he wouldn’t be killed”.

COMMENTS: Just look how Ali, Talha, Zubair and MAJORITY OF COMPANIONS sent their sons to protect Usman! This is a great refutation of zanadigah, which claims that companions killed Usman!

Look, how Ali hit his own sons, when he knows that they didn’t manage to protect Usman!!