A Religion Constantly Changing

The Rafidi sect is constantly and continuously changing with the passing of time, the Madhab of the Shia which has witnessed more changes and divisions than anything else I came across, and here I quote their renowned scholar Ja`far al-Shakhouri who says:

[And if we look at the Fatwas of our contemporary scholars we will find that they have all left the circle of the Shia Madhab, take this as an example, compare the book “a-Hidayah” of al-Saduq and “al-Muqni`ah” by al-Mufid with the book “Minhaj al-Saliheen” by al-Sayyed al-Kho’ei, you will realize that there are tens of matters in which al-Kho’ei opposed the Mashoor(popular opinion) of the early classical scholars, and if al-Saduq had the chance to read the book “al-Masa’el al-Muntakhabah” by al-Sayyed al-Kho’ei he would have been shocked …(until he says)… And if we wanted to gather the matters in which al-Kho’ei opposed the popular opinion or consensus (of early scholars) we would have reached a number of 200 or 300 Fatwas, and this is also the condition of Khomeini and al-Hakeem and other Maraji`.

And we will soon publish a book of ours in which we counted for the prominent Shia Maraji` starting with Saduq and Mufid, passing by al-`Allamah al-Helli, ending with Sayyed al-Kho’ei and Sayyed Sistani and others who have tens of Shaadh(i.e anomaly) Fatwas.]

And he said

[Opposing the Mashoor has become very frequent especially after the spreading of the habit of wrapping the Fawtas up with “Obligatory precaution”]

source: Marji`iyat al-Marhalah wa Ghubar al-Taghyeer, by Ja`far al-Shakhouri, pg.135.