The boss of the Shia sect (Al-Toosi): Many people left our sect due to all the contradicting Hadiths

The biggest Shia scholar of the Shia sect “Shaykh Al-Taefa” Al-Tusi says:


ويقول شيخ الطائفة الطوسي في تهذيبه: إن أحاديث أصحابنا فيها من الاختلاف والتباين والمنافاة والتضاد حتى لا يكاد يتفق خبر إلا وبإزائه ما يضاده، ولا يسلم حديث إلا وفي مقابلته ما ينافيه حتي جعل مخالفونا ذلك من أعظم الطعون على مذهبنا وتطرقوا بذلك إلى إبطال معتقدنا، إلى أن قال: أنه بسبب ذلك رجع جماعة عن اعتقاد الحق ومنهم أبوالحسين الهاروني العلوي حيث كان يعتقد الحق ويدين بالإمامة فرجع عنها لما إلتبس عليه الأمر في اختلاف الأحاديث وترك المذهب ودان بغيره لما لم يتبين له وجوه المعاني فيها، وهذا يدل على أنه دخل فيه على غير بصيرة واعتقد المذهب من جهة التقليد

تهديب الأحكام،1/2


And the Shaykh of the sect (Al-Ta’efa/Shiism) says in his Tahtheeb:

And among the Hadiths (narrated) by our companions (Shia scholars/companions of the Imams) are so many disparities, contrast, contravening and contradictions that you will not find a single report that we agree upon which doesn’t have another that contradicts it, and not a single Hadith is safe from another which denies it. These (contradictions) are to such an extent that our opponents (the Muslims/Ahl Al-Sunnah) have used it as the biggest accusation/attack against our school and as a proof for the falsehood of our creed.

(Until he said): ‘… and this is why a number (of Shias) have left the true creed and amongst them are the likes of Abu Al-Hassan Al-Harouni Al-Alawi, who used to be on the true creed, upon the creed of Imamah (Imamate), but he turned away from it when confusion overtook him due to the issue of the contradicting Hadiths. So he left the school (of Shiism) and attached himself to another (school), as he could not grasp the different understanding (of our text) and this is an indication that the did not embraced it (Shiism) without insight, rather based on Taqleed.

Source: Tahtheeb Al-Ahkam 1/8 by sheikh of the sect al Tusi.


Sometimes a liar’s mouth can be full of truth, and in this case it’s like Al-Tusi had no choice but to admit the bitter reality (although he tried to waterdown it at the end) of his sect of contradiction and Kufr and it is as Allah the Almighty said:

4_82Do they not then consider the Quran carefully? Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely have found therein much contradictions. (4:82)

The twelver Rafidi Deen is a man-made Deen, from other than Allah, it changes like a chamaeleon:

A Religion Constantly Changing

It’s full of contradiction, contradiction that are rooted on their main pillar, which is Imamate. Contradictions to such an extent that plenty IMAMITE sects have been created throughout history (imagine plenty sects been created based on the difference of opinion if the Prophet, peace be upon him was a Prophet or not!):

al-Behbudi: There are no narrations with the names of Imams

al-Imamah and the Waqifah Shia

al-Imamah and the Fatahiyyah Shia

It is a whole mess … the thing they call ‘the Madhab of Ahl Al-Bayt’.

These  are your Maraji’ (Ayatollats) and their contradictions. The predecessors (like Al-Sadooq (Ibn Babawayh Al-Qummi) who believed that the Imams do can forget) basically cursed your contemporaries (Khomeini, Sistani, Khoie etc. all the Maraji’ who all believe in the absolute infallibility of the Imams, including the Imams never forgetting anything, a creed Al-Sadooq CURSED). Oh, alright, the very student of Sadooq (Al-Mufeed) refutes his Shaykh! Not on a Fiqh or Ta’wil issue on the names or attributes of Allah, no, rather on one of the pillars of Shiism i.e. the creed of  absolute ‘Isma. So who was upon the truth? What was that again about ‘we Shias are one Madhab, one creed’?  There are so many contradictions one doesn’t even know where to start. It’s just funny and sad at the same time to realise that although the wretched predecessors (Salaf Al-Taleh) of the Rafidah were Ghulat by definition (by believing in myths such as Wilayah, making Takfir on the Muhajir and Ansar Sahaba etc.), yet it is astonishing to realise that according to the Ghulat of the past (classical Shia scholars, the Salaf Al-Talih, the likes of Al-Sadooq, Al-Toosi etc.) the Rafidah of today are Ultra-Ghulat Mushriks. Yes dear Shiite, if Al-Sadooq would have been alive today, he would have cursed you in your face for uttering such rubbish such as ‘Aliyun Waliyullah’ in your Adhan:

May Allah curse you Shias for adding ‘Aliyun Waliyullah’ to the Adhan (Says Al-Toosi, not a Wahhabi!)

We’ve told you, an absolute mess, indeed … and the journey of deviation goes on and one:

A serious confession from a Shia scholar – Shiism is heresy infested


Start reading the Qur’an, it’s not mute like Sistani, it’s the Kalaam of Allah, ponder over it and free yourself from Rafdh and Zandaqah in the name of Tashayyu’ and loving the Ahl Al-Bayt. These Tyre-Heads are exploiting you and taking advantage of the love (which is most properly real sincere love) for the Ahl Al-Bayt …


542234_472048842851676_976690606_n - Copy (2)

ShiitesMONEY - Copy (3)

Or let me put it as the Shiite scholar Mohammad Mohseni did:


يقول العالم الشيعي محمد آصف محسني:{وبالجملة أكثر تفاصيل حوادث كربلاء مجهولة، والناس يطلبون ما يبكيهم، وكثير من الوعاظ محتاجون إلى الجاه والمال، فآل أمر القصص إلى ما يُرى.}[32]

As a whole, in fact most of the details of the Karbala’ tragedy are unknown (fabrications), but the people demand something that makes them cry and many preachers are in need of Prestige and money […]

YA Shias, you are the first victims (before anyone else) of the Rafidah clergy, so wake up before it’s too late..