Angry Sunni villagers kill Shia cleric Hassan Shehata – A Sunni point of view

994165_532272016821012_719413834_nThe net is filled with bias articles of the Safavids such as Press TV. Here a glimpse of Rafidi Safavid brainwashing, a quote from Iran’s new ssite “(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) –

He was a prominent Shia cleric who had thousands of followers due to his moderate views and his denouncement of radical and extremist movements in Egypt.”

The Iranian ALALAAM network states:

A group of Salafi radicals has attacked the home of a prominent Shia leader in Egypt, killing him brutally and three other people.

The Safavids in the west, RAFIDI TV aka PRESS TV state:

Takfiri extremists kill top Shia cleric and 4 others in Egypt

Takfiris? Salafist?! Yes, you heard right, this is the brainwashing by the Rafidi Safavid mediawho turned a bunch of villagers into a certain group. The even have the audacity to make it seem as if some flower selling Shia cleric was ‘suddenly’ murdered by an angry mob of (of course) evil Salafis. What Salafis? What Salafi clerics (as other sources state)?! Every non-Safavid affected brain can see that some average man, literally villagers, average Sunnis of Egypt went crazy and lynched a Rafidi Shia cleric, a rabid and vile Zindiq (heretic), a twelver Shiite (a Rafidi) cleric named Hassan Shehata (the always shaven Shaykh!) has been killed, or let’s say massacred. When? Ironically on the 15th of Sha’ban (june 2013), on the birthday of the (cellar dwelling) hidden Shia saviour . Yes, they celebrate his birthday too, on every 15th of Sha’ban, Shehata was celebrating  the birtdhay of the 12th Imam who is a vile and masonic-Dajjal like personality according to Sunnis, in reality of coursenon-existing, since the 11th Imam had no son whatsoever, even according to some Shias, yet his description in Shia books fit with what is called the Dajjal i.e. Anti-Christ (who WILL be existing in the future) according to Muslim. Shia believe that this monster will emerge and start off with killing Sunni clerics and resurrect the wive of the Prophet Aaisha and his companions Abu Bakr and Omar to burn, crucify and flog them for some thousand years. You can imagine why Sunnis hate this creature and those who celebrate his birthday.

So was Shehata’s crime? You just read the answer and you’ll see more evidence of his chimped out sermons where he insulted everything Sunni …

but to Shiism and Shias he did nothing wrong (maybe the way he expressed it was wrong according to Rafidites, but what he said is what all of them MUST believe). And here we agree with Shias (from their point of view), he simply preached what other Shia scholars (usually those closer to the Iranian regime who due to political reasons try not to expose their whole religion straight into the face of the Sunni world, they apply Taqiyyah, sometimes they use a overdose it seems) try to hide or waterdown. (la)Mufid the Kafir Zindiq (who believed in the distortion of the Qur’an) called all the Sunnis (even Shia Zaydis) and all the Sahaba who in any shape or form where involved in a Fitnah with Ali Ibn Abi Talib (the Rafidi ultra-demigod) as Kafir, Mushrik apostates. Mullah Baqir Al-Majlisi, the palace scholar of the Safavids dedicated three who VOLUMES (whole books!) of his Bihar (Al-Dhulumaat,/Jame’ Al-Khurafaat) to the issue of how, when and how much a Shia should curse Abu Bakr, Omar, Aisha etc.

(to see Hassan Shehata go to: min: 7:25)

So Hassan Shehata, the Kafir Zindiq Azhari  Ex-Sufi (who easily become Shias) tried as much as he could to practice the religion of filth and polytheism i.e. Shiism. Just a reminder what the Shaytan used to preach on the pulpits of the Magians (Majoos):

In the following clip you can see how Hassan Shaheta (back then when he was in Qom) cursed the Ahl Al-Sunnah and Sahaba left and right. In the following clip Allah exposed him by making him say what was hidden in his heart. He wanted to curse NINE of the al-`Ashara al-Mubasharîn bi-l-Janna i.e. The Ten Promised Paradise amongst the companions of the Messenger of Allah (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم). Why (obviously) nine? Well, because according to the Ahl Al-Sunnah, one of those ten is Ali Ibn Abi Talib, so a Shia can’t just say that may Allah curse the ten sahaba who were promised Paradise according to the Sunni. Even Shia child knows that even, but the brain-dead Shehata seemd to had lost the plot long time ago (otherwise, what sane person would chose the religion of the lunatic Shiism as his religion?!) and thus in one of his famous speeches he LITERALLY cursed all the ten promised paradise WITHOUT any exception. Here, convince yourself and if you don’t know Arabic ask any Arab speaker and he will confirm it:

Hatred has already appeared from their mouths, but what their breasts conceal is far worse.

On major Shia sociel networks (and even websites of Shia grand Ayatollahs) one can see how condolences are sent to Shehata’s family and Shias worldwide. His family? His own son (hamza Shehata) exposed him on air and mentioned how sick his father was and how (even whilst being a Sufi!) he started cursing the Sahaba:

Anyway, there are loads of such videos all over the net where he slanders, curses and insults the Ahl Al-Sunnah in general, the Sahaba and in terms of the wives of the Prophet (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم) – as it’s a well known practice amongst the vile and rabid Rafidi clergy – he even uses profanity, may Allah curse his soul and the Rafidi cult of Shirk. So this man basically committed suicide, or did he think he can freely walk around in a Sunni country after being known for cursing, slandering and even using profanity when mentioning the wive of the Prophet?! Try cursing one of the 12 imams in Tehran publicly, or preach the love of Omar or the Sahabah (in Shia cities) and see what happens. Spreading “fighting God and his messenger” is punishable by death and this includes cursing the 12th Imams (considered blasphemy) according to Iranian law.  This is in a country (Iran) where Sunnis constitute much more than just 1%.

Now we reckon the above facts are known (to some extent at least) to many Muslims and even Non-Muslims who informed himself about this vile heretic Hassan Shehata. However, there’s something (even) most Arabic-speakers, let alone non-Arabic speakers don’t know in regards to the killing of the filth called Shehata. Something quite relevant to Muslims, something quite telling. It is a Mubahila Hassan Shehata had just a few years (2011) ago with a Sunni preacher. Mubahala’s are not light matters and one invokes the wrath/curse of Allah upon himself IF he’s not telling the truth/is upon falsehood (watch the clip to the end to say what AVERAGE SUNNI villagers and not ‘Salafist-Wahhabists’ as Shias sources, especially Iranian ones claim):

The Mubahila took place on paltalk where you can find major Sunni rooms and Rafidi chat rooms. The Sunni preacher (Bu Mishary/Kuweit) starts off by swearing to Allah that Aaisha was not a crminal, nor a Fasiqah, nor a Munafiqah Kafirah, rather YOU (Shehata) are a Fajir (wretched, wicked one), Fasiq and Munafiq Kafir, and may Allah curse me (Bu Mishary)/may His wrath be upon me if I am a liar.

Hassan Shehata then responded by saying that Aisha the WIVE of the Prophet (he LITERALLY ADDED THAT!) was a Fasiqah and criminal who hurted the Ahl Al-Bayt and unjustly killed Muslims, so may the curse of Allah be upon her/the wrath of Allah be upon her or the WRATH of Allah upon me (Shehata), if I am a liar.

In fact, after the famous Mubahila, Shehata appeared on the vile channel of polytheism called ‘FADAK TV’, the channel of the rabid Yasser Al-Habib. He reconfirmed all his slander and responded to some rumours that after the debate he was struck by cancer or other illnesses. He dismissed all these rumours as ‘lies of the Wahhabis and Sunnis’ and to confirm that there is nothing wrong with him he repeated his insults against the Sahaba and the Mother of The Believers Aaisha:

He basically says I am here (after a Mubahila where I cursed Aaisha and asked the wrath of Allah upon myself if I am upon falsehood), I am here (i.e. I am fine, the wretched and filthy moderator cheers him up), there is nothing wrong with me (i.e. I cursed Aaisha and called her a Kafira Munafiqah yet I am fine). This is the arrogance of all Kafir Mushriks (same with Yasser Al-Habib who also did a Mubahila years ago, and yet was not struck with anything), they plan and Allah plans, they are hasty as all human beings are, but Allah is patient and has prevented for all Kafir Tawaghit a hideous ending, be it in Dunya or Akhira. Anyways, the presenter of FADAK TV then asks him his opinion about those who say that his method is not right (by conveying Shiism), like his recent celebration of Aaisha’s demise (in Egypt!). He then rants the Mother of the Believers, calls her a Kafirah and says that she is not the Mother of The Believers at all.  He then attacks Abu Bakr and Omar saying that there graves must be removed from Madinah (!). He continues by repeating faity tales like how Abu Bakr and Omar killed Fatimah and then he goes on praising Omar’s killer Abu Lo’lo’a the Magian (Majoosi), and he ironically repeatedly says ‘woe to the Wahhabis’. Well, woe whom? We all know whom the wrath has struck, will some take a lesson from it? And if we remember the other Taghut Mushriks of history we can draw a conclusion, something like that:


Source of the picture: SONSOFSUNNAH.COM

Battered to death by a bunch of villagers, dragged on the floor (like the accursed Khomeini), ‘Awra being exposed (like the accursed Khomeini), that’s the ending of this filthy Kafir Rafidi, that’s the end of every Rafidi be it in dunya or (even worse) in Akhira.


This article does not approve the killing of Shiites or any other sect in any way of shape. In fact, we as Muslims and the administration even disagree with the killing of such vile individuals such as Hassan Shehata at the hands of the public. This is because we as Muslims are bound by Shari’a laws IN OUR MUSLIM COUNTRIES such as Egypt. The beautiful and just Shari’ah of the Creator gives the authorties/rulers the permission (even if there are some instances in the Sunnah – although very rare- where some laymen carried how capital punishments themselves) to prohibit  non-government forces to apply any capital punishments on others. So everyone claiming or being fed with lies that in Islam one can just randomly kill others if they committed a major crimes according to the Shari’ah is nothing but a lie. As for what happened in Egypt, although reports stay that Hassan Shehata used to be imprisoned for some time, yet no Shari’ah punishment was applied to him and worse than that, he was released and kept doing what he was known for (cursing the symbols of Islam, the Ahl Al-Sunnah). Having seen that, the average man (and this is the case for unlike Iranian gov. sources suggest, every researcher can clearly see that a mob of furious average Sunni villagers got mad, and not a group of Salafis, let alone Salafi clerics) in Giza couldn’t stand the fact that this vile man – who according to Shari’ah law was committing one of the worse crimes by attacking the wives of the Prophet (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم) and the absolute majority of his companions in the name of ‘Islam’ (Shiism) – could keep doing what he was doing (as a guest) in their town. So while what happened can’t be excused and can’t be approved by the Shari’ah itself, yet it is to some degree understandable (especially since the Egyptian gov. gave a free hand to him) and even Shias shouldn’t be shocked of what happened, for even we would  testify as Sunni Muslims , that if a Sunni preacher would be as stupid to go to let’s say to Karbala and Qom and started insulting the 12th Shia saviour (the hidden Imam whom Sunnis and Zaydis don’t even believe to be born!) and then as a reaction zealous and angry Shia laymen would go crazy and lynch him, then we would be the last to defend that crazy ‘Sunni’ whoever he might be. Basically what we are trying to say is that the likes of Hassan Shehata basically committed suicide, and Shias should really understand that they are a tiny minority, even if they (temporary) have some power in the middle east, in the end of the day they are a minority whose belief is poles apart from the majority and in fact those who are considered the symbols of Islam are considered as apostates and disbelievers according to Shiism (i.e. the vast majority of Prophet Muhammad’s, peace be upon him, companions), so no doubt, wherever Shias where Sunnis make yp the majority, the former should better stick to their Taqiyyah, the humiliation state that they always lived in.

6 thoughts on “Angry Sunni villagers kill Shia cleric Hassan Shehata – A Sunni point of view

  1. there is a book on the right a link about Karbala. Are you sure the book is authentic Sunni source cos not sure about it reading through it

    • Yes, it is reliable and authentic, we don’t put junk on this website. It is a research by a Sunni brother using SUNNI sources only.

  2. It is interesting, then, to know that the martyr Hassan Shehata was originally a Sunni, but saw the obvious faults regarding Sufism. He saw the light and realised becoming a Shia addresses all parts of Islam in accordance with the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

    • He was a martyr? I think he was psychologically imbalanced and he should have been given proper treatment and he shouldn’t have been allowed to roam in the streets and utter vile curses. It is a psychological phenomena. In Spain during the Muslim rule, many pious but Ignorant Christians used to come out open in the streets of the Muslims and curse Rasulullah (S:). When the Muslim rulers put do death these rabid maniacs according to Shariah law, the Christian priests used to praise and extol them as Martyrs and incite the Christian population against the Muslim rule. Did Qur’an tell us to even curse Kuffar leaders and idols in front of the Kafir population? No. It is categorically prohibited to curse and malign the kuffars in order to incite them. So this is a typical Shia phenomena echoing the Christian zealots of the past. What happened in the Muslim Ummah is a part of the Ummah in their extreme idolization of Ali (R:) and other ahlul baits emulated the Christian idolization of Jesus. They have thus gone astray. Similarly another part of the Ummah discarded the Ahlul Baits altogether and have become very literal, overly strict and devoid of spiritulity. They have become hard-hearted and they lost the virtue of compassion. They have emulated the Jews (especially pharisaic Jews) and incurred the wrath of Allah by their fitna. These group are the self-styled Salafis. Real Islam is the middle ground and adopting moderation. We the people in the middle do not idolize anyone (not the ahlul bait, not the sahabas, not the imams of fiqh, not the sufi shaikhs), but we also do not negate the beautiful spirituality of Islam. We don’t worship or excessively venerate the grave of the saints. But we don’t insult Rasulullah (S:) by saying that it is wrong to visit they rouda of Rasulullah in Madina to convey salam and salawat. Grave worshiping is very much wrong and it is also wrong to insult and slander Shaikhs , Imams and Walis of Allah based on very uncertain and dodgy information of haters.

  3. This is not Sunnism. U cant be sunni muslims. U r a horde of Fanatics, takfiri killers of muslims, mad bigotry working for BaniUmayyah n the Zionists. U better start n see the outcome. U didnt learn from Iran Iraq war? If Shia worship 12 IMAMS as u claim, it is clear that now you worship sahabas. Which Quran says insulting Abubakr Umar is kufr. Islamic ijtihad or zionist? Do u read Quran? S. Tawbah is for whom? Munafiqun? Who r those ‘maraduu 3laa nifaaq’ (9:101)? Dont serve the fitna it will burn u.

    • The hell with you Rafidah heretics and your lame accusations. Every Sunni Muslim who opposes your satanic sect is a ‘Zionist, Umayyad’ and what not. Also there is not a SHRED OF DOUBT that Shias worship the Imams, here you go:

      As for Sunnis, Sunnis respect the Ahl Al-Bayt and Sahaba, they NEVER worship them, hence you don’t see any Sunni invoking the Sahaba as you Mushrik Rawafidh do. And yes, we read the Qur’an, it is about the MUNAFIQOON, about the likes of you Rafidah, not the noble Sahaba who actually FOUGHT the Munafiq apostates! And the only thing that will burn is you and your Ayatul-Shayateen for all the lies you have ascribed to Islam and the Ahl Al-Bayt.

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