Nasibi shaykh of Saduq

We have already posted testimony of al-Khui, that amongst of teachers of as-Saduq were nawaseeb.

Here I am going to one example from such shuyukh of as-Saduq.

Ibn Babaweyh, as-Saduq in his “Uyun akhbarul Rida” (2/312) said:


حدثنا أبو نصر أحمد بن الحسين الضبي وما لقيت انصب منه وبلغ من منصبه أنه كان يقول: اللهم صل على محمد فردا ويمتنع من الصلاة على آله


Narrated to us Abu Nasr Ahmad ibn Al-Hussein al-Dhabbi, and I didn’t meet more nasibi than him, and from his nasibizm was narrated that he use to say: “O God! Blessings be upon Muhammad (s) alone.” He refused to send blessings upon the Members of the Prophet’s Holy Household.

Ibn Babaweyh narrated from this nawasib in this book, and also in Ilal ash-Sharae, and Maanil Akbar.

Now, we would leave stupid shias with their favourite question: HOW DARE YOU NARRATE FROM NAWASEEB?!!