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  1. Yazid ibn Muawiyah appointed Obeidullah ibn Ziyad (aka ibn Marjaanah) as the governer of Kufa and ordered him to obtain the pledge of allegiance from Imam Hussain and in the case of not being able to do so to kill Him and His supporters. Ibn Ziyad recruited like-minded individuals whose sole objective was to gain high official governmental posts (i.e. they would do anything to acquire the favour of Yazid) in order to further the cause of Yazid. They were notorious thugs like Umar ibn Saad (commander-in-Chief of Yazid’s army in Karbala), Shimr ibn Dhul-Jawshan (the one who beheaded the head of Imam Hussain), Hurmala Ibn Kahil (the one who used a three-headed arrow that was used to hunt large animals to pierce the face and neck of the six month old baby of Imam Hussain, Ali Asghar), Ibn Numayr Sakuni (one of the chief stalwarts of the Ummayad regime and the one who killed Ali Akbar, the eighteen year old son of Imam Hussain). These are just a few of the names of those who actively killed the Holy Household of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

    Creed of Yazid ibn Muawiyah?

    Creed of Ibn Ziyad?

    Creed of Umar ibn Saad?

    Creed of Shimr?

    Creed of Hurmala?

    Creed of Ibn Numayr?

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