Letter of Sultan Suleiman and his chief commander to Iranians


Salaam alaikum.

I’d like to present to readers two short quotations. First going to be a part of letter which Sultan Solomon Magnificent wrote to Iranian Shah Tahmasp. Second one was written by Turkish Chief Pasha Ahmad to one of the Iranian Chief Commanders.

Sultan Solomon wrote:

You should well know that those lost which obey you, deceived and went astray. You have stand up to change open fundamentals, and accepted customs and prohibitions.  And it is clear that you have left the shame and gone astray. And more than that abusing two respected men (Abu Bakr and Umar) is heresy in accordance to 4 schools.

I came to you country in the past, and each time I trampled down your earth with the hoofs of my horses.

I believed that you can wake up from the dream of fallacy, you can stop persist (in the heresy), and come back to the religion of Islam. That is why I didn’t add anything bad to my purposes (once I have entered to your country).

But it comes to my mind (now that I should) slaughter those who abusing the noble companions and make their women captives.  That is why if you have a seed of honour and courage come in front of me with your soldiers.  And you will see the destination of Allah.

All that I want – the Way (Sunnah) of Prophet should be followed. There is no price in my eyes for property and belongings.  I have a big desire to fight against the heretics.  My palm and my arm became stronger by the grace of Allah. If the reason that you didn’t appear in front of me till this day is my cannons and rifles, then tear this fear apart from your heart.  My army can meet you without cannons and rifles.  It was a custom from the past to go to the battle with cannons and rifles.  Cannons and rifles were not make for fighting against such as you – the one who lost his name and honour.

Source: Calalzade Mustafa Chelebi – The historian of Sultan Solomon Magnificent, wrote in his book “Tabakatul Mamalik wa Dajatul Masalik” pages 317-318

When Tahmasp received this letter, he didn’t send an answer from himself. He scared, and one of his commanders sent a letter to Turks.

This letter was answered by SadrAzam of Turks, Pasha Ahmad.

He said:

We are so powerful that we don’t ask anyone for a peace treaty. We just said, if you wish a peace, you have to ask our Sultan for this. His door is opened for the people in need.

You wrote in your letter that Ajams (Zoroastrians) became Muslims, and it is not permitted for Muslim to kill a Muslim, or he would enter the hell. That is true. However the claim that Kizilbashs possess a faith is a matter of dispute between scholars of Islam.

In your letter you are speaking about Quran. As we know there should be mosques and places for prayers in the countries of Muslims.  (1). Muslims calling for prayer in them, and praying 5 times per day. We accept like Muslims people who read a hutbas in the Fridays, and shows respect to Prophet Muhammad and his companions.  Have a shame at least once (in your life)!  DO YOU HAVE SIGN OF ISLAM? You are rejecting the truth. Instead of respecting companions of prophet, you are abusing them. Is this suitable for muslims? You are protecting those people who hate Islam, and you are not displeased with their evil deeds. Is a person who is doing this not a disbeliever?! If people who have churches called disbelievers, you don’t even have churches and nether Imaan! You don’t know what Islam is! Man can’t become Muslim only on words. If there scholars between you who explains to you Islam, let them meet our scholars. And it would be apparent where is truth way!

Islam is already 961 years old. Your school that you have invented is 50 years old! Where was this religion of yours 50 years ago? (2)

If this way that you are following is false, how is possible for you not to become a disbelievers?!

You are not ashamed of Allah?  What would you answer to Allah for this way that you are upon? You are answering by some stupid words to people who proofs your disbelief with strong evidences.

Source: Calalzade Mustafa Chelebi – The historian of Sultan Solomon Magnificent, wrote in his book “Tabakatul Mamalik wa Dajatul Masalik” pages 323-324


1) This shows us that when Turks invaded Iran they didn’t see any mosques there.

2) This is a proof that modern so called shiaiim, which in reality is rafidism and religion of Kizilbashs appeared only in the time of shah Ismail and his son Tahmasp.

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