Taqiyyah wajib till shia Mahdi

Salam alaikum.

We can always hear shias wailing: Why you don’t believe us? We are not making taqiyyah. Why we have to make taqiyyah?

Let their Imam answer them.

Lutfullah Safi narrated in his book “Muntahab Athar” (p 225):



From Ali ibn Musa ar-Rida: There is no religion for the person who doesn’t posses wara, and there is no faith for the person without taqiyyah. The most beloved for Allah from you is the one who makes taqiyyah most.

…. who will left taqiyyah before the rise of our Qayum, ISN’T FROM US

So, shias are obliged to follow taqiyyah while their 12-th Imam is in the concealment.