Shias celebrate Umm Al-Mu’mineen `Aisha’s demise in Canada

Shias in a local Husseiniyyah (innovated Rafidah place of worship, where the dead are worshipped and the living self-flagellate i.e. whip themselves ) in Ottawa the Capital of Canada celebrated the death of the Mother of the Believers `Aisha رضوان الله عليها.

Here their facebook page.

And here their ridicolous and filthy  celebration:

They chant: ‘Ayyoosheh (mocking the name of `Aisha), `Aisha is in the Hellfire …’

(Note that the normally the Shias – just as the Satanists – dress in black, except on the days when they celebrate the death anniversaries of the Sahaba and the Mothers of the Believers.)