Shias celebrate the demise of Sayyidah Hafsa and `Aisha’s in Iraq/Baghdad

Yes, in Iraq of Abu Hanifah and Imam Ahmad, in Ramadhan 2013. How can that even be possible? Well, remember that behind the deception of ‘death to America/Israel’ chantings and despite all differences Iran/America/Israel might have, there is still something that unites the masonic crusaders and the masonic Safawid Rafidah i.e. their hatred for Islam and the Ahl Al-Sunnah, and this is why America has handed out Iraq to a bunch of WELL-KNOWN Iranian Shia stooges:

iranianmajoostraitorsAs for the clip:

Even if you don’t understand Arabic, you will still find it out to NOT understand all the curses. Nevertheless, let us translate you some excerpts from their filth:

– Right at the beginning two Rafidi Shiite Shaykhs priests are celebrating with a bunch of (mostly) shaved followers who sing about how they are being rewarded for celebrated Umm Al-Mu’mineen Hafsa’s (رضي الله عنها), then they curse Omar (رضي الله عنه) and call `Aisha (رضي الله عنها) a slut.


– At min 1:40 the filthy Shias, starting with  the two priests, cut the cake (on which they have written curses upon Hafsa), ironically the  top part of the cake, where the curses are written on, suddenly falls, this is why the Rafidi priests who is trying to cut the cake repeatedly curses Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman, Hafsa and Aisha رضوان الله عليهم أجمعين (whilst the other priest and the Shias say ‘Ahsant’, i.e. bravo).


– At min 2:15 the Shia priest proudly states that they have gathered to celebrate the death of Hafsa (رضي الله عنها). He says that he is responsible for what he is doing, and he takes proud in the (American installed) Shia regime of Iraq and says that he puts his trust in them and that they will support and protect them. He says he is with the government and the government is with him!

– At min 3:47, a bunch of (again mostly shaved) Shia filth start dancing and chanting and then cursing Aisha (رضي الله عنها) and calling her a slut.

– At min 4:25 the Shia Rafidah polytheist kafirs chant: ‘If you want paradise, then curse Omar’.

– At min 5:10, the infamous Thaer Al-Darraji takes the mic and announces that they have gathered to celebrate the death of `Aisha (رضي الله عنها). He calls her ‘Mal`ooneh (the cursed one) and a slut.

– At min 6:07 the Radood (what Shia call their lamentation singers) sings: ‘Curses be upon `Aisha, the cursed one, the one who engaged in Zina’.


– At min 6:44 the Rafidi priest curses `Aisha, call her a woman without religion and accuses her of having killed the Prophet (عليه الصلاة و السلام). He says that `Aisha, Hafsa AND Maymoona (THREE mothers of the believers) were all wretched sluts.

– At the end of the clip you can see the accursed Rafidah Shias self-flagellating themselves, scratching their faces on their pagan and savage Ashura ceremonies. You can hear a Du`a’ in the backround against the Shias, where the Shaikh asks Allah to destroy these filthy beings.

If you don’t understand Arabic then don’t worry, you will understand the cursings by these vile pagans. But let us translate some excerpts throughout the video. They chant things like:

‘If you want paradise, curse Omar …’  ‘`Aisha is a slut and whore, curse here …’ `Aisha is in the Hellfire ….’ ‘Omar’s a faggot …’ ‘Curses be upon Omar, the cursed one…’ ‘Curses be upon `Aisha the Kafirah the cursed one …’ ‘Curses be upon Hafsa the cursed one …’

That’s their religion, that’s the essence of their religion, that’s what hides behind the mask of ‘the school of the pure Household of the Prophet’. We seek refute in Allah from these Kafarah, Fajarah, Mushrikoon Rafidah.

4 thoughts on “Shias celebrate the demise of Sayyidah Hafsa and `Aisha’s in Iraq/Baghdad

  1. Mashallah it was nice. Nice nashid lol

    if you want to debate with us, face to face in London, masjid al Muhassin is open for you or anyone, come and discuss with the sheikh (Yassir alhabib, assad sunna) and refute, or, if you want, with me..
    Do not be a coward like Uthman alkhamiss or khalid alwassabi or abou mountassar almajoussi.

    send me your number.

    La3natouallah 3ala Aisha

    Idriss almaghribi.

  2. Hilarious, a Rafidi Majoosi calling Muslims Majoosi. First of all your temple is in Fulham and not in London. Second of all Shaikh Al-Wessabi said to Yasser the Khabeeth to debate on the ASL of the Deen and not sidetopics! Shaikh Wesabi said let’s debate Imamah! Yasser FLED like a chicken! You can’t just invite someone for a debate and DECIDE on what topic to debate, both parties have to agree and since Khabeeth wanted the debate so he shouldn’t have any problem debating on the most important matter i.e. the LIE called Wilayah/Imamah, but your Sheikh fled. We can debate RIGHT here no need for a show, as for my number, let me first give you my emai:


    lanatullah on your filthy cave, cellar, well, bermuda triangle dwelling one eyed Persian Majoosi savior 3aj, la3na kabeera on this khabeeth you filthy Kafir.

    • Ya jaban almajoussi. I’m moroccan not majoussi like you or Abou mountassar almajoussi.

      The first who wanted a debat it was sheikh Yassir (hafidaouallah), not al wassabi the coward. Alwassabi is afraid for a debat about koufr Aisha alzindiqa. Lol

  3. Listen you buffoon, you lot are not being called Majoos because of your and your scholars (mostly Persians) origin! We are Muslims, not racist, you are usually being called Majoos because of your Majosiyyah BELIEFS so you being a Moroccan won’t save you, you still will be called a Majoosi because your millah, deen i.e. religion is Majoosiyyah, and Sh Abu Muntasir is a BALOCH you idiot, he is not even Persian. And what is it about ‘the first who wanted to do this or that’, are we in the nursery or what? Your filthy Mushrik Yasser the Khabith is SCARED because Wessabi wants to debate the BIGGEST lie in Islamic history, namely the Imamate issue of your fallible Imams! Yasser RUN away and was scared like a chick! You moron go learn English first, the way you type, obviously a moron like you becomes a Rafidi.

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