5/10/2013, Shias of Baghdad curse the Sahaba in a Sunni district

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The Shias cursing the companions of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), his wives and companions … in the past a so called ‘evil acccusation’ by the ‘evil Wahhabis’ (as Shia apologetics tried to waterdown the disgusting reality of their cult), today, a well known fact (we have reported how they celebrate the death of the Sahaba in their temples, in the UK, Canada and Iraq). The last jahil Sunni on earth shouldn’t be excused anymore if he even doubts in the kufr of these Mushriks and enemies of Islam and the hatred they carry for Islam and its people, the Ahl Al-Sunnah. Now recently a few days ago, a group of Shias of Baghdad lead by Thaer Al-Darraji (a foul mouthed Rafidi who posts filth on youtube, and who got exposed of being a homosexual when brothers hacked his computer which was full of gay porn!) walked through the Al-A3dhamiyyah district of Baghdad (a traditionally Sunni district, named after Imam Al-A3dham i.e. Abu Hanifa. Al-A3dhamiyyah is were Imam Abu Hanifa رضي الله عنه is buried!) and cursed Omar Ibn Al-Khattab رضي الله عنه and Aisha the Mother of the Believers رضي الله عنها by calling the the cursed ones and sluts/sodomites etc (the UK/Fulmer based Shiite hate preacher ‘Sheikh Yasser Al-Habib’ has openly stated his support for this secterian extremism).

(^They could have never done such a thing if they were not protected by Iraqi security forces)

Thaer Al-Darraji, the one who holds the mic (and curses Omar and calls Sunnis Nasibis and Aisha a mal3oonah i.e. cursed one) is supported by traditional Shia scholars in Iraq (they just recently celebrated the death of the Mother of the Believers Hafsa (رضي الله عنها) along with Shia scholars, see here) who have became very brave lately, of course only since the Americans INSTALLED a Shia puppet regime in Iraq:

Iraqi Sunnis of the biggest province of Iraq (Al-Anbar, purely Sunni )demonstrating against the Iraqi Rafidi regime, the alliance of the American Crusaders and Rafidi Safavids

Do you know what the irony is? This didn’t occur in some radnom Sunni district but rather in a Sunni district where its brave people have saved HUNDREDS of Shia lifes! Have you ever heard of the Al-Aaimmah Bridge Stampede?! Check the web for detailed information, let me quote this here from wiki:

Although Adhamiyah has been the site of many clashes between Iraqi insurgents and US forces as well as tensions between Shi’a security forces and Sunni residents, in September 2005, the residents of Adhamiyah were credited with saving hundreds of Shi’a lives.Shi’a pilgrims who were caught in a stampede on al-Aaimmah bridge, coming from the opposing shore of Kadhimiyah, began jumping from the bridge in an attempt to escape the crush, only to face drowning in the Tigris below. Adhamiyah residents dove into the waters, pulling hundreds of Shi’a to the shore, where their fellow residents transported them to hospitals and mosques, in some cases using the mattresses from their own beds as makeshift stretchers.According to the Interior Ministry, upwards of 900 Shi’a pilgrims died in the stampede, with a like number of wounded.

ALLAHU AKBAR! This is who the Ahl Al-Sunnah are! The average Sunni who has no clue (even the ones in Iraq unfortunately) about the REAL beliefs of the filthy polytheist hateful Shias are ready to give their lifes for them (those who bomb Shia places of worship are either some extremist groups OR the Iraqi gov. itself). They have saved their lifes and this is what they get back. Violence and hatred has its roots AND CAUSE and no doubt that a neglected and never touched upon cause for Shia killings/persecutions is actually SHIISM itself. Sunnism for instance teaches the respect of almost all MAJOR figures that Shias revere, but Shiism on the other hand teaches grudge and hatred towards almost EVERY SINGLE major figures of Islam, towards most of the Prophets companions i.e. all those who are revered amongst Sunnis.


EVERY Shia child (except secularist ones or Shias who are only Shia by name) GROWS up with hatred for almost EVERY MAJOR Sunni figure! It’s part of the Shia religion. So where does hatred stem from if not in the religion of the Shia?!Why do the hypocrite Shia organisations like Shia Rights Watch and Shia apologetics in the west NEVER mention that Shia beliefs are actually BASED on COMPLETE OPPOSITION to Sunni beliefs and that Shia literature and supplications are FILLED with prayers and narrations where Sunni figures are being cursed left, right and centre?! Heck, we I am not talking about some trivial differences here, I’m talking about GROUND shaking differences, two poles apart. These differences are rooted in basic Shia belief foundations. Beliefs such as the Shiite Tawallaa and Tabarra belief (loving and hating for the sake of Allah). Don’t confuse it with the Islamic belief of Al-Walaa’ wa Al-Baraa’ (which also means loving and hating for the sake of Allah) according to the Sunnis, for in Islam/Ahl Al-Sunnah hating and loving for the sake of Allah means to love/hate the REAL ENEMIES of Allah, heretics and disbelievers who aim to harm Islam and Muslims, whereas in Shiism, loving and hating for the sake of Allah, means to hate the ‘enemies of the Prophets household’ who are of course (according to the hateful Shia religion) the MAJOR companions of the Prophet صل الله عليه و سلم and a number of his his beloved wives!

These whining Shia rights organistation and Shia apologetics in the west NEVER mention these facts to their audience, in fact throughout history they have played the victim card (madhlumiyyah we say in Arabic), acting as if they’ve been getting killed or persecuted throughout history (to this very day) for no reason whatsoever. They will never mention their (deeply in the sect rooted) Anti-Sunni sentiments. Anti-Sunni sentiments which are based on the belief of cursing and hating those whom the Sunnis revere.

Take for instance the twelver Hazara (descendants of the Mongols i.e. Genghis Khan) ethnic group who primarily live in Pakistan and Afghanistan i.e. in majority Sunni countries. Many of their religious gatherings are constantly being attacked and all we hear is that this is merely done because of them being Shia i.e. they haven’t done anything wrong whatsoever, it’s just blind Shia hatred, hatred for an oppressed people who have committed no crime. But is that true? Is it that simple?! Can we ignore that their religion, Shiism, by its very nature necessitates the HATRED of major Sunni figures? And this IS a crime in traditional Sunni countries.


Now bombing and killing Shias is certainly not right and no major scholar advocates such acts, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t analyse WHY people and certain groups go mad and start killing Shias, i.e. we shouldn’t forget the cause. Is it really true as the Shias claim that Shias are being killed only for being Shia?! Is it because of some hate preachers who spread lies upon Shias?! This is what Shia apologetics claimed for centuries now, but with the help of the media all of us are witnessing that the they themselves are becoming (like in the past) a cause for the violance.

What can one really expect from people in traditional and conservative areas such as Afghanistan and Pakistan?! That they will let Shias do as they like,recite EVERY thursday night their INFAMOUS Ziyarat Ashura where ABU BAKR AND OMAR are cursed?! A prayer which has been authenticated by ALL major Shia ‘Ayatullahs’! This is one of the most infamous Shia supplications that exists, it is recited in YOUR city everywhere in the world EVERY thursday night, LOUDLY in congregation!

That’s nothing, this cult advocates the celebration of those who are revered amongst Muslims, they celebrate the death of the Mother of the Believers in Canada (https://gift2shias.com/2013/10/09/raf…ise-in-canada/) in London (CLICK HERE) and in Baghdad (CLICK HERE)

Have you ever seen ANY Sunni group CELEBRATING the demise of ANY Shia figure?!

Heck, to debunk the pathetic excuses of apologetic Shias (such as Mehdi Hassan, various Shia centres in the west etc.) who simply claim that these Shias are some ‘extremists’ elements (those who are cursing etc.), then now that this is nothing but deception, in fact those Shias who curse are showing the true face of Shiism to the world, their books are FILLED with praises for celebrating the deaths of major Sunni figures, including the Prophet’s companions and wives and those scholars amongst them who have left the Taqiyyah are doing nothing but OPENLY practice what was ALWAYS in their books and teachings:

Let’s compare Yasir Al Habib’s belief to the Major scholars of Imamism

Now just for a second imagine that Sunnis from (for instance from Iran’s southern majority Sunni province of Hormozgan) take a trip to Qom and curse the hidden Shia Messiah (‘Sahib Al-Zaman’, Al-Mahdi) in public! How would the Shias and the Shia ‘Ayatullahs’ deal with these Sunnis?! Now on top of that try to imagine that cursing the 12th Shia Messiah is an ESSENTIAL PART of the Sunni sect, imagine Sunnis having an ancient supplication (similar to the Ziyarat Ashura I’ve linked before) where every thursday night the 12th Shia saviour along with other Shia saints are cursed in congregation. To add to that, imagine that Shias would have been the majority throughout Islamic history and NOT Sunnis.

Now (that scenario), would anyone really be shocked why Sunnis would have been prosecuted and maybe even killed throughout history by the authorities?! Certainly nobody would be shocked, considering the extremist and hateful Sunni beliefs towards MAJOR revered Shia figures. Well, the truth is, it is actually Shiism that ALWAYS has been a minority sect, throughout history. and it is Shiism that is based on DEEP grudge and hatred towards major Sunni figures.

A major factor why Shias have been persecuted for centuries… In the Shia religion cursing the Sahaba is a MUST

Again, let me stress out that I am against Shia killings, especially their women, children and elders, be it in the west or in countries with majority Muslim population. Killing is not the solution, it will lead to more hatred. This is also not just my personal opinion and stance but rather the opinion of many major scholars of Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia etc. who have never advocated random Shia killings. Nevertheless, I believe that we shouldn’t only condemn these killings but actually analyse WHY these things happen. What is happening in Iraq (cursing the Sahaba in public) is actually nothing NEW and certainly not just the belief of some ‘extremists’ elements amongst the Shias (as apologetic Shias in the west like to put it), it is in fact an essential PART of Shiism, it is essential to their religion to curse those who are beloved to theSunnis, some Shias practice it (this hatred) more, some less, some in private and some in public, what is important is that it is rooted in Shiism, in their belief system and hence it will always be a CAUSE for havoc for every Shia who lives amongst Muslim. Even the (hypocrite) state of Iran that CLAIMS Sunni-Shia unity can’t hide the reality and essence of its religion which is 101% Anti-Sunni:

Omar Koshan – The celebration of Omar’s (RA) death – A Shia Majoosi fetish

Hassan Shehata, the one who cursed Aisha and all major companions was celebrated as a HERO in Iran and by Shias worldwide

In Iran non-Shias (Muslims/Sunnah) are publically being insulted as sons of Prostitutes, in accordance to Shia teachings

In Iran and Shia circles the Prophet is potrayed in in pictures, preferably gayish looking ones!

And no, there is no ABSOLUTE freedom of expression in Islam (not even in the west). You can’t go around and insult and slander major companions of the Prophet and his wives (by calling them homosexuals and sluts!) based on the teachings of a freakish heretical minority sect called Shiism. There is NO WAY that Islam and Rafidi Shiism can co-exist in an Islamic state, no Shia will be tolerated to publically express his heretical beliefs. Shiites need to smell the Turban, I mean the coffee and understand that they are nearly EVERYWHERE a minority (even in Iraq it is unclear if they are a majority, there are NON-AMERICAN statistics that state that the Sunnis are the majority), and acting based on their disgusting beliefs (cursing the Prophets companions and calling his wives whores and dogs etc.) will essentially get them killed even by the average man on the street (before the authorities can even lift a finger), this is because the the Muslims the honour (wives) of the Prophet are more beloved to them than their own mothers.

After the cursings of the Shia Rafidah Majoos Mushriks Kuffar in Baghdad/Adhamiyyah, the Sunnis of the (101% Sunni) Al-Anbar province, in the city of Falluja (the city of Sunni lions) came to the streets full of rage and warned the puppet Shia (by the Americans installed!) regime of Baghdad and the filthy Shia scum, here the video:

Translation (summary):

The brother says that they (in Falluja) have come today to protest against the Shia scum who are protected by the Shia regime and who PUBLICALLY cursed Omar Ibn Al-Khattab on the streets of Baghdad!

Here more coverage of the reaction of the Ahl Al-Sunnah in Iraq:

Iraqi Sunnis in various Sunni provinces, such as Al-Anbar launched the حملة عراق الفاروق (Omar Ibn Al-Khattab) campaign, they have put new street (and bridge) names in their cities, such as in the city of Al-Ramadi where a street name was changed into ‘Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Street’ (literally ALL provinces took part, except Sunni Kurdistan! Nationalist interests have blinded their leaders!).



Sunni scholars and Shaykhs of major Arab tribes of Iraq have announced that the following Friday (11/10/2013) there will be a massive gathering in the city of Fallujah under the motto of ‘Iraq of Al-Farooq [Omar]’.


Thousands of new parents have named their new born boys ‘Omar’


A massive gathering (wednesday, 9/10/2013) in Fallujah


Little boy in Falluja holding a sign that read: Name: Omar; School: Farooq (Omar’s title); My brothers: Abu Bakr, Othman and Ali



These boys holding banners that read: ‘Omar did not break Fatimah’s (daughter of the Prophet)  rib (a Shia belief), he rather broke the rib of the Persian Safavids (referring to the Iranian Rafidi Safavid regime)


Same banner:


The banner below reads: ‘Al-Farooq (Omar), the grudge of the Rafidah (Shiites) will only increase our love for him (Omar)


Man holding a banner that reads: ‘OMAR’


Boys holding banners that read: ‘The Sunni Ummah is but ONE!’


Man holding a banner that reads: ‘May Allah curse the one who curses Omar’


Crow in Al-Fallujah shouting: ‘May Allah curse the one who curses Omar! May Allah curse the one who curses Othman! May Allah curse the one who curses Ali! May Allah curse the one who curses the Sahaba! May Allah curse the one who curses the Ahl Al-Bayt!

The Mother Of The Believers `Aisha street


The Rafidah with their bizarre and pagan rituals have opened the eyes of thousands of Muslims around the Islamic and Arab world (major Arab channels have covered these recent events), hundred thousands of Muslims who were fooled by Shia aplologetics around the world who tried hard to hide the ugly nature of their sect.

Also In Samarra’, an Arab and almost completely Sunni city and ironically one of the most holiest cities according. to the Rafidah (due to the alleged occultation of their 12th cellar dwelling Majoosi saviour (الدجال كخسرو مجوس) who according to Shia fairy-tales was seen the last time in the Sardab Al-Gheybah).

The crowd is shouting:

‘رحم الله عمر للفرس هو كسر’ which can roughly be translated into: ‘May Allah have mercy upon Omar, the one who has broken [the backs] of the Persians [Rafidah Majoos Mushriks]’.

Note: There is nothing racist in this slogan, Muslim Arabs (Sunnah) in Iraq and all the Arab world have DEEP respect for Muslim/Sunnah Persian. The BIG GUNS of Sunnism are Persian, not just the Sahaba Salman Al-Farsi who is loved by every Arab Muslim but MANY More. What is meant (with the slogan) is Persian MAJOOS, the Shias to regards the Arab Shias as scum and misuse them. The plain truth is that the grudge of the Rafidah is rooted in Persian-Sassanian Majoosi hatred (even IF they claim otherwise by giving their hatred some religious flavour) and there is enough evidence to prove that:

More proof:

Omar Koshan – The celebration of Omar’s (RA) death – A Shia Majoosi fetish

The Reviver of Zorastrian (Majoosi) elements under the cover of Tashayyu’ (Shi’ism) – Majlisi

Verily, they ARE Majoos & enemies of Islam: ‘Eid Ghadir, Nowrooz and Omar’s death, the Rafidite holidays!

Back to Iraq, namely Samarra’:



Mosul city. Banner reads: ‘The Iraq of AL-FAROOQ [Omar]’



On Friday, 11/10/2013 all the Sunnah provinces of Iraq (except Kurdistan where nationalism has already blinded the authorities) declared the day as the day of ‘The Iraq Of Al-Farooq, Omar’

Al-Anbar province (town of عنة)


Banner reads: ‘Omar Al-Farooq’


Banner in the Al-Anbar province with the famous Hadith:

Do not abuse my Companions, for if any of you were to spend gold equal to (mountain of) Uhud in charity, it would not equal a handful of one of them or even half of that” [Al-Bukhari, Muslim]. Below the Hadith the names of Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman and Ali are written.


Writing on the wall: ‘Allah’s curse be upon the one who curses Omar’.


Banner reads: ‘Aisha is the Mother of the Believers, even if the haters detest it’.


‘We are all Omar’ (banner on the right)




Boy holding poster that reads: ‘Omar Al-Farooq (Allah be pleased with him) will always be the defeater of the Magian (Majoos/Zoroastrians, referring to the Rafidah Shia), during his lifetime and after his death’.1016793_517943164956863_1659956465_n