Kamil Al-Ziyarat, another Rafidi book of ultimate Shirk

Another book of ultimate-Shirk by the so called madhab of ‘Ahl Al-Bayt’ (of Iblees and not Rasul Allah :[S.A.W.W]: ):


Kamil Al-Ziyarat was written by Ibn Qulawayh Al-Qummi ( the liar). The book is full of lies and absurdities as expected out of them, however Rafidah believe that the author has narrated from the most reliable and trustworthy Shia scholars, which testifies to the “authenticity” of this work. ‘Ayatullah’ Abdul-Hamid Al-Muhajir, an extremist Zindeeq and Kafir from Iraq who is one of the major Khatibs of the Imams Ali Msoque in Najaf tesifies as well that EVERYTHING in this book is Sahih according to the Rafidi school (debunking a wide spread Shia lie by many Shia apologetics who claim that Shias do not have any Sahih books, using this excuse whenever they are confronted with heresies from their books):

Lets see what is meant by ” reliable and trustworthy ” in Rafidha cult, here some excerpts from this satanic books (note how many lies they have ascribed to the Ahl Al-Bayt):

– Praying an obligatory prayer equals a Hajj, and praying a recommended prayer equals an Umrah in Kufa Mosque ( pg 27)

– Giving a Dirham in charity in Kufa equals giving two hundred Dirhams elsewhere (pg 27).

In Mosque Kufa, praying one obligatory prayer equals 1000 prayers and a recommended prayer equals 500 prayers elsewhere (pg 27).

Sitting in Kufa Masjid without praying or praising Allah is considered a worship act (pg 28).

– Do not neglect prayers in Kufa Masjid even if you have to crawl to it ( pg 30).

Blessings of Kufa Masjid extend to 12 miles radius. The right side of this Masjid is prosperity but its left side is cunning ( pg 32).

Euphrates is the chief of the water bodies in the world and Hereafter. Every night an angel descends and drops three pieces of musk from the musk of Paradise in Euphrates. ( pg 56).

There are two believing rivers and two disbelieving rivers. The two disbelieving rivers are Balkh and Tigris, and the two believing rivers are Nile and Euphrates (pg 57).

– Fatima (RA) was averse to her pregnancy while she was carrying Hussain (RA) and was averse to giving birth to him (pg 62).

– The Prophet (SAW) also refused to accept Hussain, saying that he didn’t need such a son, who will be killed at a later stage but when reminded of the imamate by Jibraeel (AS), the Prophet (SAW) accepted Hussain (RA) (pg 63).

– Four thousand angels came down to fight for Imam Hussein but he did not permit them. When they came down again to seek permission, Imam Hussein had already been martyred. So they remain at his grave, disheveled and covered with dust, crying over him until Judgment Day. Their leader is an angel called Mansur. (pg 89)

There is no prophet in the heavens or earth who does not ask Allah’s permission to perform the Ziyarat of Imam Hussein. Thus a crowd descends to perform the Ziyarat of Imam Husain and a crowd ascends back to the heavens. ( pg 112)

Allah goes to his Ziyarat every Friday evening, with the angels, prophets, successors. ( pg 113)

– Days spent in Ziyarat of Imam Husain are not counted as part of ones lifespan; and are not reduced from the time of ones death. ( Pg 134 )

– One who performs the Ziyarat of the grave of Imam Husain by the banks of Euphrates is like one who has visited Allah on His Throne. ( Pg 142 )

– One who performs the Ziyarat of Imam Husain with recognition of his rights and without any pride or arrogance is equal to 1000 accepted hajj and 1000 accepted umrahs. ( pg 153 )

One should not settle in Mecca, because the people of Mecca openly disbelieve in Allah and the people of Medina are even worse than the people of Mecca. ( pg 157 )

Missing Hajj and spending Arafah day at the grave of Imam Hussain is equal to the reward of participating in 1000 battles with a divine messenger and performing 1000 accepted hajj and umrahs. ( pg 158 )

Persons of illegitimate births can visit Arafah but nobody with illegitimate birth can visit the grave of Imam Hussein. ( pg 159 )

– Performing ghusl in Euphrates river is equal to earning a reward of hajj and umrah. Pg 176

The faith and belief is incomplete without performing ziyarat of the shrine of Hussein. Those who omit will be from the folks of hellfire. Pg 178

Those Shia who visit the grave of Hussein should ask Allah to send curse on those who distorted holy book. pg 185.

– The land of the Kaaba once said in pride, “Who is like me, Allah has built His house on me, people from far come to me and I have been chosen as Allah’s sanctuary?” Allah revealed to it: Keep quiet and calm down! I swear by My Glory and Magnificence that your honor compared to the honor which I have granted to the land of Karbala is like a drop of water on a needle dipped in the sea. Pg 288

– 200 prophets, two hundred successors and two hundred grandsons of the prophets died In karbala before Imam Hussain. pg 291

– The Almighty Allah, created, blessed and sanctified Karbala 24000 years before He created the Kaaba. Pg 291

The cure for every disease is in the clay of Imam Hussein’s (a.s.) grave, even if it is collected a mile away from the grave and it is the greatest medicine. Pg 295

The newly born babies should be rubbed with clay of karbala, since it is protection against diseases. Pg 300

NOTE: One can clearly see a pattern of how these heretical Kafir Shia scholars tried their best to destroy Islam. Not by holding OBVIOUS grudge by burning the Qur’an as the most stupid Kuffar amongst the Kuffar do (in their attempt to ‘destroy and oppose’ Islam), rather by BELITTLING and UNDERMINING the most sacred places of Islam which were mentioned CLEAR-CUT in the Qur’an like Makkah/the Ka’aba and declaring accursed places like Karbala (Karb wa Bala which literally means the soil of sorrow and ordeal!) which are NOWHERE to be found in the Qur’an or Sunnah (the Prophet never praised the place where his grandson got martyred, but Rafidha deem the accursed soil holy just as the Mushrik Christians hold the cross holy that killed their God, temporarly ….) as being superior to Makkah and Madinah! This is all because of their jeleousy of Islam and the Muslims and hence they invented these kufri narrations to drag their followers to the man-made shrines for, obvious reasons though:

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