Shias says: Umar was born from adultery!


There is no end in hate of majoos towards companions of prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam). Rafidah –  this offspring of Jews chose the way of their forefathers.

Shaykh of shias, Allama Hasan ibn Sulayman al-Hilli (may Allah curse him) said in his book “al-Muhtadar” (p 102):

وقد اجمعت الشيعة الامامية على انه ولد زنا

shia ala umar



… and shias agreed upon that he (Umar) was born from adultery.

And in the footnote you can see other maloon, Yusuf al-Bahrani saying in his “al-Hadaiq an-nadera” 23/25: There is no difference of opinions in shari texts or fatwas that he – meaning Umar, was born from adultery.