Ponder over the pond of Ghadir

26631803The Messenger of Allah (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم) performed his last Hajj pilgrimage with around 100.000 Sahaba. As we all should know by now, the Rafidah made a huge deal about his sermon at the pond (Khom) of Ghadir. They have blown it out of proportion, including innovating an ‘Eid (Ghadir!) to Islam, claiming that it is the best ‘Eid (‘Eidullah Al-Akbar!) in the sight of Allah (of course the day of the so called announcement of Ali’s Wilayah/divine-leadership is their greatest day, not the announcement of the Prophethood of the Messenger of Allah!). The true meaning of the Ghadir Hadith according to the Ahl Al-Bait themselves has been covered in our previous article and leaves no room for doubt for the unbiased researcher that the Ahl Al-Bait themselves where not upon the creed and understanding of their so called ‘Shias’ (followers/partisans).

In this article we want to shed some light on the actual location of the pond of Ghadir and this is because its location is anything but a trivial issue, in fact its location alone exposes a lot of Shia lies and exaggerations and will prove once again how contradictory, illogical and delusional the Shia claims are.

As for Ghadir Khom, many of you have heard about it, it must be somewhere located in Arabia, but that’s it really, most Muslims, even Shias don’t know more than that. In fact, the Shia clergy have exaggerated to the extent that the average Shiite believes that Ghadir Khom must have been something like the MAIN gathering place of ALL pilgrimes after the Hajj, it was the place where the Prophet (صل الله عليه و سلم) gathered all Muslims to proclaim Ali as the new Caliph (as they claim). That’s what they are being taught from childhood,even in the age of the Internet, Google Maps, social media etc. Now let us take a look at their (as usual) excessive claims:

The infamous Shia website al-islam.org says:


After completing his last pilgrimage (Hajjatul-Wada’), Prophet [s] was leaving Makkah toward Madinah, where he and the crowd of people reached a place called Ghadir Khom (which is close to today’s al-Juhfah).  It was a place where people from different provinces used to greet each other before taking different routes for their homes.

Sounds freaky, doesn’t it? ‘a place where people from different provinces used to greet each other’ as if it was THE main gathering place for people after the Hajj! This is what they try to sell to their own fooled people and the ignorants amongst the Ummah for centuries now/

ghadir.com claims:

After the noon prayer the Prophet (s) sat on the pulpit and made his last public address to the largest gathering before his death three months later

The Thaqalayn Muslim Association says:

“On the 18th of Dhul-Hajjah, after completing his “farewell pilgrimage” (Hajjatul- Wida’a), the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his progeny) had departed Makkah en route to Madinah. He and the entire Muslim caravan, numbering over 100,000, were stopped at Ghadeer Khom, a deserted-yet-strategically situated area that lies between Makkah and Madinah (near today’s Juhfah). In those days, Ghadeer Khom served as a point of departure, where the various Muslims who had come to perform the pilgrimage from neighbouring lands would disperse and embark upon their own routes back home.

Now take a look at the and see how ridiculous their claim is! Imagine how many people they have mislead (they probably always assumed that nobody will have a clue about the actual whereabouts of Ghadir Khom, and more importantly the other parts of the Muslim lands an):


Above you see the reality, the location of Ghadir Khom, despite that the Shias claim that this place was the major gathering place of the Muslims after Hajj! They seriously claim that the Muslims of Yemen and other southern parts of Arabia travelled over 170 km (in fact more, remember this is the straight-line distance!) from Makkah (where they performed the last Hajj with the Prophet) to a pond at Ghadir only to travell back from their to Yemen. Why didn’t the Prophet (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم) address them during his farewall speech, during his last Hajj in Makkah?! What about the people of Makkah themselves? Will the Shia seriously claim that they left the city of Hajj (Makkah), just to travel back north to rest at a pond in Ghadir?!?! All the way up north (at least 170 km) just to travel back (again 170 km i.e. altogether almost 400 km, that would take them WEEKS!) to Makkah?! Why didn’t the Prophet (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم) address the poor Makkan’s in MAKKAH, at Arafa during his last Hajj, during his Farewell sermon, they were all present there! If the message of Ghadir (so called appointment of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (رضي الله عنه)as the successor of the Prophet) was a message to ALL Muslims then the Prophet (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم) could have simply addressed everyone in Makkah, during his farewall!

There are some narrations stating that the Prophet (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم) talked about the importance of his Ahl Al-Bayt during his farewall speech in Makkah, yet there is no such thing about him having adressed the people in regards to Ali and his so called ‘Wilayah/Imamah’. Why should the Prophet (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم) tell all the Muslim from Makkah and southern Arabia (such as Yemen) to travel over 170km to listen to a speech at a pond in northern Arabia?! How can the Shia even dare to claim that this place (Ghadir) was the main gathering place of most if not all Muslim pilgrims’ when it wasn’t even a gathering place for the people of Makka (one just needs to open his eyes and take a look at a map)! How ridiculous and maniac is that? They have surely created a whole religion based on these exaggerations.

I finally will leave you with an excerpt from a must-read arictle about the geographical reality (which serves enough to debunk the whole Rafidi concept of Ghadir QOM) of the pond of Ghadir:

The Shias claims that “Ghadir Khom served as a point of departure, where the various Muslims who had come to perform the pilgramage from neighboring lands would disperse and embark upon their own routes back home.” A simple look at any map would show how utterly absurd this is. The following map comes from Al-Islam.org:

Source of map: Al-Islam.org, http://www.al-islam.org/ghadir/route.jpg

Here another map showing the distance (imagine, even today it’s quite a journey with the car!)

Is there any rationale as to why the Muslims from Mecca, Taif, Yemen, etc. would travel towards Ghadir Khumm on the way back to their home cities in the completely opposite direction? Is there any reason why the Prophet (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم) did not mention the so called most important foundation of Islam i.e. the ‘Wilayah/Imamah’ of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (رضي الله عنه) in Makka, at his last Hajj at Arafa where actually all Muslims gathered? We hope that the reader can understand how truly absurd this proposition is.

To give an analogy, let us assume that the President of ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) lives in San Francisco and that he wishes to nominate his replacement in front of all the ISNA members. Each year, ISNA holds its largest conference in Chicago, in which thousands of ISNA members from ever city in America congregate. They come from San Francisco, Austin, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Washington D.C., etc. Their flight to Chicago would look like this:


Now that all the ISNA members are present at the yearly conference in Chicago, would it not seem fairly self-evident that this would be the most fitting place for the ISNA president to nominate his successor? After the conference, everyone heads back to their respective home cities, so the ISNA president heads back towards San Francisco with a stop-over in Cheyenne. Would it make any logical sense that the other ISNA members pass through Cheyenne on the way back to their home cities in the opposite direction? This truly would make no sense. It would look something like this:


No rational mind could accept such a thing. It would make little sense for the ISNA president to nominate his successor in Cheyenne as opposed to Chicago during the yearly conference. A person who lives in Washington D.C. would not travel West to go to Cheyenne, but rather he would travel in the opposite direction towards his home. A person who lives in Chicago certainly wouldn’t accompany the ISNA president to Cheyenne after the conference, but rather he would stay behind in Chicago where he lives. Indeed, the more sensical return paths of the ISNA members would look something like this:


In this analogy above, San Francisco is Medinah, Chicago is Mecca, and Cheyenne is Ghadir Khumm. It is clear that the only people passing through Cheyenne are those that are headed towards San Francisco or the West Coast. Therefore, it would not be wise for the ISNA president to deliver his nomination speech in Cheyenne because the Muslims from all the other cities would not be present. It would instead make much more sense that he deliver such a speech in Chicago, where the conference is held. Likewise, Prophet Muhammad (صلّى الله عليه وآله وسلّم) would have appointed his successor in Mecca during his Farewell Sermon, not in the middle of nowhere on the way back to Medinah.

When the Muslims embarked on the Hajj, let us assume that these were the routes they took:


Now that the Muslims from all the cities have assembled in Makka, would this not be the most appropriate time to declare the Prophet’s successor? The Shia propagandist would have us believe that the Muslims going to Taif and Yemen would travel an extra 500 km (round trip) to the watering hole of Ghadir Khumm and then head back in the opposite direction. As stated by the Shia themselves, Ghadir Khumm was a watering hole and a resting point for those travelling…the only thing they fail to mention is that it is a resting point for those passing through it, not those heading in the opposite direction altogether! The Shia would have us believe that the return trip of the Muslims would look like this:


This is nothing short of nonsense. After the Hajj, everyone heads back to their home cities and the Makkans would stay put since they lived in Makka. Why would they have head out towards a watering hole in the middle of nowhere? Considering the fact that the Muslims were on foot in the desert, this journey back and forth of 250 km to Ghadir Khumm and back would have added a few extra weeks in transit time. Does this not flout logic and rational thinking? One can clearly see that Mecca geographically falls in the middle of surrounding cities that the pilgrims are originally from. When the final pilgrim was complete, every Muslim goes back to their home city. For example, the people of Taif, would go back to Taif, the people of Yemen would go back to Yemen ect. With that examination, there can no way be 12000 pilgrims heading towards Ghadir Khum if the majority of them are from Taif and Yemen while the rest are from Sham and Medina.

Indeed, the more sensical image would be the following:


Therefore, the conclusion we reach is that the Shia claim that the Prophet (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم) appointed Ali (رضوان الله عليه) in front of all the Muslims is a historical lie and insult to the Prophet and the intellect of every sane person due to the fact that the Prophet (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم) did not address this point in his Farewell Sermon at all.

Now the reason why Shia polemicists try really hard to somehow make you believe that Ghadir Khom was such an important place and major place where apparently ‘all pilgrims gathered after the Hajj/the largest gathering used to take place’ is because the Shia Twelver sect made a whole religion out of the incident of Ghadir! They make the alien claim that on that day, the most important foundation of Islam (not, it’s not Tawheed/monotheism according to them), the ‘Wilayah/Imamah’ (divine-leadership) of Ali, was proclaimed (and the last verse of the Qur’an was revealed, i.e. the religion got completed) by the last Messenger of Allah (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم).

To back up such an alien belief, the Shia clergy had no choice but to exaggerate with regards to the pond at Ghadir of northern Arabia. They exaggerated to such an extent that they literally made a mountain out of a molehill. The reality is, just by using a simple map, one can easily conclude that the Muslims present at Ghadir Khum were very much less than the number of Muslims that performed Hajj with the prophet in Mecca. If that is the case, then there cannot be any final divine revelation given from the prophet to the Muslims if only a minority of the Muslims are present to witness the announcement of Ali’s divinely appointed leadership, while a major chunk of the Muslim population in Mecca, Taif and Yemen have no idea that prophet received the last and most important divine revelation from Allah (swt).

The prophet(pbuh) cannot simply give a a final farewell sermon with it giving the most important command that the Muslims must follow, that is; pledging to Ali’s wilayah in front of only a few Muslims in a small resting spot in the middle of no where, while the majority of the Muslims in Taif, Mecca and Yemen have no idea of the sermon taking place. It is not only illogical, but against Allah’s divine justice to do that.



clear-cut proof that their claim is far from the truth and that basic geographical knowledge of the Arabian peninsula will completely shatter their claim. Every sane and unbiased person will be convinced that the Rafidah Shia are lying through their teethsand have taken their own followers (and gullible souls amongst the Ummah) as fools with their claims.