Imam testify that Allah could be seen

Shia shaykh al-Barqi narrated in his “al-Mahasin” (p 60), and shaykh Azizullah al-Utardi quoted from him in “Musnad ar-Rida” (1/95):

101- عنه عن بكر بن صالح عن أبي الحسنالرضا (ع) قال من سره أن ينظر إلى الله بغير حجاب و ينظر الله إليه بغير حجاب فليتولآل محمد و ليتبرأ من عدوهم و ليأتم بإمام المؤمنين منهم فإنه إذا كان يوم القيامة نظر الله إليه بغير حجاب و نظر إلى الله بغير حجاب .

From Abul Hasan al-Rida (alaihi salam): Who wants to look at Allah without obstacle and Allah looks at him without obstacle, let him to befriend with family of Muhammad and be (far) away from their enemies, and follow Imam of believers from amongst them, (and if he would do that) in the doomsday Allah would look at him without obstacle and he would look at Allah without obstacle

mahasin 60

2 thoughts on “Imam testify that Allah could be seen

  1. no any statement is authentic from all angles except the holy Qur’an. in any book of hadith that exist contain fabricated as well as authentic hadith, to differentiate the authentic from the unsound scholars of the field of hadith set some rules on the mat’n as well as the isnad which are all there in the books on science of hadith and books on rijals.

    i will like to ask you some questions which i hope you will feel courage to answer them for me.

    question 1: the hadith you quote above and claimed it’s from al-Mahasin of shaykh al-Barqi and shaykh Azizullah al-Utardi quoted from him in Musnad ar-Rida. what are your reason for calling such personalities shia?

    question 2: each of the books you claimed the hadith is in is written in how many volume(s)?

    question 3: in which volume is the hadith?

    question 4: the hadith is under which kitab of that volume and bab?

    question 5: who are the rijals of the hadith?

    question 6: what did the shia scholars of hadith says about each rijal?

    question 7: what did the shia scholars of hadith says about the hadith?

    • 1) I didn’t claim I gave on line references for each book. Check the post.
      2) Check links.
      3) I mentioned already, be more attentive.
      4) Useless question. See on line book.
      5) I mentioned them, see post.
      6 and 7) Try to check it yourself.

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