This is Shia cleric Hussein Al-Moayyad who left Shiism for Islam and Sunnah

Left (Shia), right (Muslim, Sunnah)

Left (Rafidi Shiite), right (Muslim, Sunnah)

Every sect and religion has their reverts and converts, so do the Rafidah. A few Christians, Hindus and other pagan Mushriks here and there (who don’t need to change alot, they travel from polytheism to polytheism) and sometimes even some ‘great’ Sunni personalities’ (i.e. in 100% of the cases either former extreme Ex-Sufis or other heretics who happen to replace Ya saint/Wali help me Ya Ali/Fatimah/Hussein/Mahdi etc. madad (help me).

Usually, the Shia they boast about how many (allegled) Sunnis convert to Shiism. Now even if that’s true  then it basically proves nothing, because the truth or falsehood are not measured by the (the number of) converts, and as a matter of fact, more Iranian Shiites turn Christian, Zoroastrian, Atheist (and even Sunni) than any other (muslim) nation in the world. Now would that make Shiism wrong by default because so many Iranian Shiites happen to convert to other religions?! Certainly not, for the truth is not measured by proving who has more or less reverts/converts (again, Shias having more reverts is an exaggeration anyway, they never mention the rise of Sunnism inside Iran, especially in Ahwaz).

As for the so called ‘Ex-Sunni scholars’ they present, the likes of Al-Tijani the Tunisian Sufi clown (who has been ripped apart in live debates and written rebuttals by many Sunni scholars) or the Slave of Al-Hussein (Abdul-Hussein!) Al-Musawi with his manifesto of lies (‘Al-Muraji’at’ that has been refuted here), then no sane Sunnis, let alone a scholar has ever taken these clowns and amateurs seriously. In fact many Shias are (rightfully) ashamed of the likes of Al-Tijani and co. who embarrassed the Shias in the 2002 Mustakillah TV (London/UK) debates where everyday a Shia scholar fled, until nobody was left but Al-Tijani (and an Iraqi called Al-Najdi) who were (along with their heretical Rafidi sect) also ripped apart (since then Tijani has more or less been into a Rafidi saviour like occultation, only appearing here and there on some Arab Shia channels as the Tunisian Rafidi freak).

Enough about the heretics and laughing stocks, let’s move to those who left Shiism for Islam and Sunnah to realise what the difference between Shia and Sunnah reverts are. At the Mustakillah TV debates, a Sunni scholars replied to Al-Tijani (when he mentioned that he is an Ex-Sunni) by saying:

“You being an ‘Ex-Sunni’ proves only that the wicked and wretched ones amongst us come to your sect (Rafidism/Shiism) whereas the the wise and good people amongst you come to us (Islam/Sunnah).”

Allahu Akbar! What a true statement! One just needs to compare a few (even average laymen) Ex-Shiites to the so called Ex-Sunnis  to see the difference of how wretched and wicked the ‘Ex-Sunnis’ were from begin with (either creed wise or moral wise or both). As for the Ex-Shias, then amongst them are diamonds such as Shaykh Hussein Al-Moayyid who (unlike many Shia reformists such as Ahmad Al-Katib) OPENLY denounced Shiism and declared their conversions to Ahl Al-Sunnah.

In the following Arabic thread you can find enough proofs and documents that this man was a major scholar in the Shia circles and he has SEVEN  Ijazat.

Here old picture of him when he was a Shia delivering a sermon in the shrine of “Sayyidah Ma`soumah” in Qom/Iran (He is an Iraqi Arab and speaks fluently Arabic and Persian).


He has explained in interviews what the main reason for his conversion was. Basically in his Shia times he was handed out an Anti-Shia book, called ‘The principles of the Shiite Imamite Twelver school of thought – an overview and critique” (أصول مذهب الشيعة الإمامية الإثني عشرية – عرض ونقد). This is so far the most extensive and best (according to our research) book in refutation of the Shia religion that has ever been written. The author (a scholar from Riyadh, Dr. Nasir Ibn Abdullah Ibn Ali Al-Qaffari) has basically analysed the entire Shia religion and proved from the Qur’an, Sunnah and logic (and even authentic Shia narrations) that the Twelver Shiite sect is nothing deviant and heretical sect, infested with superstitions and heresies (note, this book has been released since over 10 years now, yet no Shia scholar could ever reply to it, apparently an ‘Ayatollah’ in Iran tries to refute it, in the last eight years, they managed to ‘refute’ the 10% of the book only!).

Shaykh Hussein Al-Moayyad was amongst the Shia scholars who was given the tast to refute the book. He himself states how he tried to refute the book and how many times he throwed it at the wall out of anger, until he realised that Al-Qaffari did nothing but proving a bitter truth, namely the falsehood of Shiism, not just some innovation and heresies that Shiism is infested with, but core beliefs such as ‘Imamah/Wilayah, ‘Ismah’ etc. He released a number of books and articles, this is his website:

Now be assured that the Shiites will accuse him of all sorts of thing, but in any case to a truth-seeker it doesn’t matter WHO Al-Moyyad is, what counts is WHAT he has to say, so those who read arabic should really read his works, it won’t hurt nobody, we promise. Here a few clips of him where he meet some scholars of Makkah Al-Mukarramah and talked about the reality of Shiism:

Shaykh Al-Moayyad answering a question about the Ghadir Khom Hadith:

Shaykh Al-Moayyad answers a question about the Rafidah Shia and their claim of following their ‘Itra (progeny of the Prophet):

Shaykh Al-Moayyad explains that Shiism (Tashayyu in its Rafidi form) is a seperate religion and has no connection to Islam whatsoever:

Shaykh Al-Moayyad talks about the believe in Tahrif amongst Shia scholars:

Shaykh Al-Moayyad explains why some Shia scholars like him convert to authentic Islam and why others don’t:

f’Adalah Al-Sahaba:

Shaykh Al-Moayyad talks about the deviance of the Shia clergy:

Here he explains in short why and how he left Shiism:

Here the complete session (the Shaykh on his right – Hussein Ibn Fares – is an Ex-Shiite too, in fact the session was for Ex-Shiites and Sunnis):

Shaykh Khaled Al-Wesabi (Yemeni) about his friend Shaykh Al-Moayyad:

Safat TV on the wave of Ex-Shiites, particularly Hussein Al-Muayyad:

And finally here the Zindeeq Yasser Al-Habib who goes nuts and accuses Shaykh Al-Moayyid of everything bad possible:

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