Shia ‘Ayatullahs’ reciting the Qur’an – BEYOND HILARIOUS

This one is absolutely hilarious. Their TOP scholars are nothing but a bunch of heretics (we know that already) but the sad (and funny) thing which MANY Sunnis don’t know is that their TOP-NOTCH Ayatullats can’t even recite a Fatiha correctly, not even the Arab ones. I mean what a joke of a cult Rafidism is? Don’t they know that a scholar, heck, even a Sunni kid would burst into laughter just by hearing them ‘reciting’ (reading like a newspaper) the Qur’an. Who on earth will take these clowns serious? And more importantly, who is so stupid to take this Shayateen as lords besides Allah (Marja’s, sources of guidance for the Rafidah!).