Yasir al-Habis on Masoode author of Muruj az Zahab


We have already spoke about Masoode author of Muruj az Zahab (1.2).

Now we will just quote Yasir al-Habis which answers on the question about Masoode.

He (laanatullah) said:

Al-Mas’oudi is: Abu-Hassan, Ali, son of Hussain al-Mas’oudi al-Kufi. He is one of our Imami scholars and historians, and he is praised by our scholars, as you may notice in the books of biographies. His book “Ithbat al-Wasiya” is magnificent in its content; in it he confirms through clear and obvious evidences that the our Master, the Commander of the Faithful, is the success of our Master, the Messenger of Allah (may Allah’s blessings be upon them and their families).

And Yasir (may Allah fill his belly with fire) also said:

Anyhow, this man is one of the significant Shi’a, and his ancestry goes back to Abdullah, son of Mas’oud, and that is why he is being labeled as ‘Al-Mas’oudi’.


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