Shiite Mahdi will be killed by a bearded lady called Saeedah



العديد من المؤمنين يتساءلون عن الطريقة التي سيموت بها الإمام المهدي ، وإذا كان (عليه السلام) سيستشهد فهذا يعني أنّ الغاية من كلّ مسيرة الأئمّة (عليهم السلام)ومن غَيبة الإمام الطويلة ـ وهي تحقيق الكمال للبشريّة وتوجّههم للدين ـ لن تتحقّق ، فما هو قولكم في ذلك؟

الجواب :باسمه جلت اسمائهنقلَ صاحب كتاب إلزام الناصب: أنّه إذا تمّت السبعون سنة، أتى الحجّةَ الموت، فتقتله امرأة من بني تميم اسمها سعيدة، ولها لحية كلحية الرجال، بجاون صخر من فوق سطح، وهو متجاوز في الطريق. وفوزه بالشهادة لا يتنافى مع بلوغ البشريّة قمّة الكمال، فإنّ الكمال للمجموع، وليس لكلِّ فرد فرد.




Many of the faithful believers are wondering how the Imam Mahdi will die. If the Imam (AS) will get martyred , then his fate will be the fate of most of the Imams (AS), but since the occultation of the Imam – which is the perfection of mankind and their guidance to the religion – has lasted so long, this (him being killed) has not occured yet. What is your opinion?

In His blessed names [note: Rafidha usually use these weird, more Jewish like forms when giving fatwas, opening lectures. This is NOT from the Sunnah, as usual …]

The author of ‘Izaam Al-Naasib’ [Rafidhi book in defense of the Rafidhi 12th hidden Imam] has transmitted: ‘The Hujjah (Imam Al-Zaman/Rafidhi Mahdi], after passing seventy years, will be killed by a WOMAN from the Bani Tameem tribe. Her name is SAEEDA and she has a BEARD like the BEARD of a man […]


Website of one of the biggest Shia Marjaji’ alive, Ayatullat [Rabbi looking] Sadiq Al-ROUHANI.





After shouting for thousands of years ‘Ya Imam Al-Zaman, Ya Mahdni, Adriknaa, Ya Sahib Al-Zaman’ etc., after giving him all the superman powers (that Allah has not given him, neither in the Qur’an nor authentic Sunnah), after asking him for help, wealth, health, children, after worshipping this one-eyed Persian-Mason Dajjaal, after all that, their deity will be killed by a WOMAN with BEARD! This is how the Indian Bollywood (or Karbalawood) film ends!


P.S. ironically, the Rafidha accuse Omar Al-Farooq of being a coward. At least Omar died like a man. A BELIEVING man, leading the Sahaba AND Ahl Al-Bayt in FAJR prayer, then being stabbed by a Persian kafir named Abu Lu2lu2a the Majoosi the Shia idol. He was stabbed SEVERAL times. The Rafidha Mahdi, their hero will be killed by a TRANSEXUAL! WOW! What a man, what an end!