Shi’ism venerates the Zoroastrian Nowrooz holiday!

1921904_499218090183958_1632911280_nNowrooz is on its way! The Pre-Islamic, Persian-Majoosi (Zoroastrian) holiday and of course anything pagan, especially pre-Islamic Persian customs do have their deep connections with the religion of the Twelver Shias. Nowrooz is the holiest day according to Zoroastrianism (Majoosism) of the year for them out of seven major holidays (the seven motif is straight from their beliefs, with Ahura Mazda co-existing with six other gods who in turn form a unity of seven, so no surprise the holiday centres now with setting out a table of seven things also called haft seen) that the `Abbasid Mutazilite (NOT Sunni nor Shia) rulers (who modelled themselves on the Persian monarchs) encouraged the celebration of and Muslims in turn adopted.

What many don’t know (even many Shias, heck even many Persian Shias) is that Nowrooz, the ancient Zoroastrian holiday is not just some traditional holiday celebrated mostly by Iranians and Kurds (and some Afghans, even among the very secular Sunni ones), no, rather it is an ESSENTIAL part of Shiism and the biggest Shia scholars who ever lived have not just sanctified it, rather they declared it as the best day ever and ascribed loads of rubbish, fabricated an disturbing narrations to the Ahl Al-Bayt who all happen (as usual) to attack the Sahaba and the Ummah and to praise pre-Islamic Persian customs!

The first people to accept the A’maal or Fazail were the representatives of Hawzah Ilmiyyah Najaf Al-Ashraf, meaning personalities like Shaykh Tusi, then Seyed Ibnay Taus and Mohaqqiq Tusi, Syed Sharif, Allama Bahauddin Amili, Allama Faiz Kashani, and from Allama Majlisi to Shaykh Abbas Qummi (author of Mafatih Al-Jinan).

all agree on this day of celebration. Seyed Mohsin Al-Amin Amili in his Miftahal Jannat, Vol 3, pg 573, depicts a hadith from

Mo’ala Bin Khanees on the Fazael of Nowrooz, and has confirmed it with high authority. It’s the following:

Al-Mu’alla narrates from Imam Al-Sadiq : “Nowrooz is no other day but the one we [the Ahl Al-Bayt] are awaiting the reappearance [of Al-Mahdi], for it  is one of our days that was protected by the Persians and carelessly lost by you.”

Mullah Baqir Al-Majlisi (major Shia scholar of the Safavid era) mentions a narration from Musa Al-Kadhim (son of Jafar Al-Sadiq) which says: `In Nowrooz Allah made a covenant with His servants to worship Him and not to allow any partner for Him. To welcome, His messengers and obey their rulings. This day is the first day that the fertile wind blow and the flowers on the earth appeared. The archangel Gabriel (a) appeared to the Prophet, and it is the day that Abraham (as) broke the idols. The day Prophet Muhammad held Ali  on his shoulders to destroy the Quraishies’ idols in the house of God, the Kaaba.`[…]

They have related EVERYTHING religion wise to the Zoroastrian holiday of Nowrooz, then they wonder why they (Rafidha Twelver Shias) are being called Majoos (Zoroastrians)!


So Shias out there, we know it’s a shame to be a Shia, but come one, you have no choice, get up and celebrate Nowrooz you pagans, and don’t forget to recite certain prayers on that day, and to take Ghusl on that day … all in the name of ‘following the Ahl Al-Bayt and the true Sunnah’ (true Sunnah!!!):

“The Islamic Centre of England” (Shias) states on its website:

[…] But Alameh Majlesi in his book Zad al Maad mentions the existence of some reports in some less known sources. One of which is the following invocation that is highly recommended to be recited repeatedly. O Moulder of the hearts and vision, O Master of the night and day, O He who changes stratagem and status, Transform our situation to the best condition The above invocation at the time of Safavids was a regular prayer for the New Year. The fact that recitation of supplications or Qur’an and performing of prayer for the coming of a new year actually did happen, itself, is a sign of the Islamisation of this festivity. […]


[…]  Islamic rituals of Nowruz In Mafatih al Jinan, which in the past decades has been one of the greatest books for religious recommended acts of worship, we read that the Prayer of Nowruz is a prayer combined of recitation of Al -Fatiha, Al-Qadr, Al-Kaferoon, AlTawhid, Al-Falagh, Al-Nass and many other chapters of the Holy Qur’an. It is similar to a prayer which not only has the forms of Friday prayer but also the attributes of the prayers of Ghadeer Khum. Mafatih Al Jinan narrates from Imam Jafar Al Sadiq(as): `When Nowruz comes, make Ghosl (ceremonial wash) , put on your clean clothes, and fragrant yourself with best perfumes, so when you are free of all other prayers, perform a four- rakaat prayer, each rakaat one Salam and in the first rakaat after Sura Al- Fateha ten times Sura Al-Qadr, and in the second rakaat after Al-Fateha ten times Al-Kaferoon. In the thried rakaat after Al-Feteheh ten times Al-Nass and Al-Falaq. After prayer prostrate in gratification.`  […]

they even give lectures about Nowrooz and Shi’ism:

and they celebrate it Nowrooz in their wasteful golden shrines, all in the name of ‘the Islam of the Ahl Al-Bayt’:

In this video you can see Iranian pilgrims in Iraq (which is basically occupied by Iran with the help of the Americans and Iraqi Shia puppets) celebrating NOWROOZ in next to the shrine of Al-Hussein Ibn Ali in Karbala’. That’s what these heretics call ‘the Islam of the Ahl Al-Bayt, the true followers of the Sunnah’!


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