Reason of creation

Bismillah wa salatu wa salamu ala rasullah.

Reason of creation in Quran:

“We did not create the jinn and men except to worship us” { adh-Dhariyyat}

Reason of Creation shia version:

Shaykh Shahroode narrated in “Mustadrak safinatul bihar” 3/169:













and narrated in Bihar known: If not you (o Muhammad) why I have to create the universe, and if not Ali, why I has to create you. And in (book) ad-Diyahal Alameen by shaykh Abul Hasan – grandfather of my mother – shaykh Muhammad Hasan owned of Jawaheer (this narration comes) with such addition: if not Fatima, why I have to create you both..

Points of benefits:

1) In shia understanding main reason of creation of humanity was existence of Fatima.

2) Fatima was more important than Ali and Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam). Because their both would not exist without her.