Shia scholar – plain takfir of all Islamic nation

Bismillah wa salatu wa salamu ala rasullulah.

Shaykh Muhadith of shias Nematullah Jazairi (may Allah burn him in the hell) said in his book “Nor al-Bahrayn” (1/57-58):


and Muhaqiq al-Hilli narrated in elevated form in last of “as-Sarair” till Muhammad ibn Eesa, which said: I wrote to him (obviously Imam) and asked him about nawaseeb, is there any need to examine any of them, after their testimony that they put Jibt (in accordance to them Abu Bakr) and Taghut (in accordance to them Umar) in the matters of superiority (upon Ali) and believe in their (two shaykhs) Imamate? And answer came: Who is upon this he is naseebe!

and author – may his secret be purified – narrated in the book “al-Ilaal” – naseebe is the one who dislikes the mazhab of the Imamiya. (Jazairi says) – AND THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT MAJORITY OR (BETTER TO SAY) ALL (OF AHLESUNNAH) UPON FAITH OF NAWASEEB IN THESE TWO MEANINGS. AND NUMEROUS (TAWATUR) REPORTS AND AGREED OPINION (OF SHIAS) THAT NAWASEEB ARE DISBELIEVERS IN THIS WORLD AND HEREAFTER.


1) All ahlesunnah agreed that shaykhan were best people in this nation, better than Ali. Due to this faith only, we are disbelievers in the eyes of shias.

2) All people from Ahlesunnah dislikes kufr of rawafid, their faith in TAHRIF of  Quran, their shirk, their beloved Mutah marriage and etc.  And this alone enough for shias to say that we are disbelievers!