Their shaykh as-Saduq – khayanatul Ilmiyah

Bismillah wa salatu wa salamu ala rasullah. Salam alaikum wa Rahmatullah. Those readers who spent some of their times by browsing our blog, seen some articles about famous and known shia shaykh as-Saduq, ibn Babaweyh al-Qummi. However, we’d like to present couple of additional quotes from shias scholars and books, and some old one from other editions. 1) Book – Malathil Ahyar by al-Majlisi 9/575: 1                     Translation:

 (Part of hadeeth): How did you divorced her? and my father (mean Majlisi’s father) said: and what is obvious this (part of hadeeth) is own words of as-Saduq.

2) Book – Rawdatul Muttaqin by Majlisi 3/66: 2                     Translation:

What is apparent is that these are the words of al-Saduq and not part of Zurarah’s narration like the ‘Allamah imagined may Allah have mercy on him

3) Book – Rawdatul Muttaqin by Majlisi 5/450: 3                   Translation:

and author (as-Saduq) omitted his saying “O, regarding whom Allah changed his decision”. He did it because he didn’t believe in this report, where stated that Allah changed his will in regards to Ismaeel (ibn Jafar as-Sadiq).  AND REPORT ABOUT BADA’ (ALLAH CHANGING HIS WILL IN REGARDS OF IMAMS) ARE MUTAWATER IN OUR VIEW, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO REJECT THEM EVEN BY LEAVING THIS (ONE) REPORT.

 4) Book – Biharul Anwar by Majlisi 5/156: 4                   Translation:

this report taken from al-Kafi, but it suffered from very odd tampering which by bad presumption attributed (literally inherited) by as-Saduq. Indeed he did such things to make it in the line with school of people of justice.

There tons of other examples where shias scholars testified how as-Saduq changed wording of ahadeth, inserted his own words in the ahadeth and etc.