Khulul-tajesm – shia report

Bismillah wa salatu ala rasullulah. Salam alaikum, Rafidi shaykh al-Muhadeth al-Kulayni narrated in his al-Kafi 1/83: 1_83_kafi_hulul_tajesm                     Translation:

1) From (Imam) abu Ja’far (alaihi salam) who said the following: “We (family of Prophet Muhammad) are the al-Mathani (the double) that Allah gave to Prophet Muhammad, recipient of divine supreme covenant. We are the Face Allah that moves among you on earth. We are the eyes of Allah  in His creatures. We are the hands of Allah that are open with blessings for His servants. Those who wanted to know us have known us. There are people who are ignorant about us, they are ignorant of us and of the leadership of the pious people.” 2)  From Abu Abdullah (alaihi salam): We, I swear by Allah, are the most blessed names of Allah without which Allah does not accept any of the good deeds of His servants unless they know us properly.’”

Discussion: Is the Face of Allah something separate from Himself? Or His hands? Or His Eyes?  Or when I say Ya Raheem! I am calling to Allah by His name?! Or in accordance to shia beliefs I am calling to one from their Imams?! Walauthubillah!