Sistani strikes again

Salam alaikum,

Just in brief some religious ruling from shia beloved scholar.

Let us first start with marriage with breast feeding babies. This was already confirmed by Khomayni before.

At his official site, Sistani said:

2501. If a man contracts Nikah with a suckling girl, and the wife of that man suckles her, then it is considered that the wife becomes the mother-in-law of her husband, and therefore, becomes haraam for him. Although this consideration is not free from Ishkal, yet precaution should not be ignored.

If a person wants that his sister-in-law (his brother’s wife) may become his Mahram, he may contract a temporary Nikah with a suckling girl, for example, for two days, and during those two days, the wife of his brother may suckle that girl as mentioned in rule no. 2483. By so doing, she will become his mother-in-law, and thus be Mahram. But if the woman suckles the girl from his brother’s milk, it is a matter of Ishkal.

And some coins of Sistanis brilliant fiqhi ideas to add.

Breast feeding of child by DEAD WOMAN!

2483. The following are the eight conditions under which suckling child becomes the cause of being Mahram.
That the child sucks the milk of a woman who is alive. It is of no consequence if milk is drawn from the breast of a woman who is dead. That the milk of the woman should not be the product of fornication or adultery. Hence, if the milk for an illegitimate child is breastfed to another child, the latter will not become Mahram of anyone. That the child sucks milk directly from the breasts of the woman. Hence, if milk is poured into its mouth, it has no consequence. That the milk be pure and unadulterated. That the milk be of one husband only. Hence, if a breast-feeding woman is divorced and then she marries another man by whom she becomes pregnant, if the milk of the first pregnancy still continues from the breast till she gives birth to the other child, and she feeds any child eight times with the milk from her first pregnancy before giving birth, and feeds the same child seven times with the milk from the second pregnancy, after giving birth, that child will not become Mahram of anyone. That the child does not throw up the milk due to illness. If it vomits the milk, the suckling has no effect. The suckling should be of such quantity that it could be said that the bones of the child were strengthened and the flesh allowed to grow. And if that cannot be ascertained, then if a child suckles for one full day and night, or if it suckles fifteen times to its fill, as will be explained later, it will be sufficient. But if it is known that in spite of the child having suckled for one full day and night, or for fifteen times, the milk has not had any effect on the bones and the growth of flesh of the child, then one should not ignore exercising the precaution. That the child should not have completed two years of his age, and, if it is suckled after it has completed two years of its age, it does not become Mahram of anyone. In fact, if, for example, it sucks milk eight times before completing its two years, and seven times after completing its two years, it does not become Mahram of anyone. But, if milk continues from the breast for more than two years since a woman gave birth to her child, and she suckles the child continuously, that child will become Mahram of those who have been mentioned above.