Ibn Abi Jumhur al-Ihsai on praying salat al janazah upon sunnis

as-Salam Alaikum,

Don’t be deluded by shia propaganda that they accept us like brothers.

Just look what they been taught by their scholars.

Ibn Abi Jumhur al-Ihsai said in his book “al-Masailul Jamia fi sharhil Alfiyatil Shahidiyah” p 562:

 وإن كان الميت مخالفا لم يصح أن يدعوا له عقيب الرابعة بل قال أصحابنا 
يتخير المصلي عليه بين أن يدعو عليه ويكبر الخامسة أو ينصرف على الرابعة فلا يدعوا عليه ولا له وبكل منهما وردت الرواية.

And if deceased person was mukhalif (opponent – in brief anyone apart from 12-vers), IT IS NOT correct to pray (for his forgiveness) after 4-th (takbir), and our companions said: The one who prays (funeral) is free to chose between (two ways, first), to invoke against the deceased, and make 5-th takbir, or leave upon 4-th (takbir) and not pray against deceased, and don’t pray for him. And both these ways came in the narrations.

Basically these guys are not even trying to hide the hater against sunnah. Best scenario they will not pray for or against deceased, but in the second way they will invoke against dead opponents, and this will not be known from their outward appearance.