Ibn Mutahhar al-Hilli destroys idea of Imamate of Ali

as-Salam Alaikum.

Famous rafidi scholar ibn Mutahhar al-Hilli said in his “Minhaj al-Karamah” (100-101):

وقال أبو بكر : ليتني في ظلة بني ساعدة ضربت يدي على يد أحد الرجلين ، وكان هو الأمير وكنت الوزير ! وهو يدل على أنه لم يكن صالحا يرتضي نفسه للإمامة . أ.هـ

Abu Bakr said: Woe to me in the shadow of Banu Saadah, when I hit hand of one of the men with my hand (1). And (better) him to be ruler and me to be  counsellor.  (ibn Mutahhar comment upon this) And this is a proof that he didn’t consider himself valid for Imamate.

Now let us check one of the most authentic shia books “Nahjul Balagha” and see how basically Ali used very same words.

When people decided to Swear allegiance at Amir al-mu’minin’s hand after the murder of `Uthman, he said:

“Leave me and seek some one else. We are facing a matter which has (several) faces and colours, which neither hearts can stand nor intelligence can accept. Clouds are hovering over the sky, and faces are not discernible. You should know that if I respond to you I would lead you as I know and would not care about whatever one may say or abuse. If you leave me then I am the same as you are. It is possible I would listen to and obey whomever you make in charge of your affairs. I am better for you as a counsellor than as chief.”

So, same words, same expression. In the very same way, we will repeat after ibn Mutahhar, these words is a proof that Ali – didn’t consider himself valid for Imamate


  1. Meaning when he got pledge of allegiance.