Tampering book of Abdullah Shubbar “Aslu Asliyah”

as-Salam Alaikum.

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These are basically 3 pages (including the cover) of shia book Aslu Asliyah. It was written by famous zindiq Abdullah Shubbar.

On the second page you can see the heading that says: Chapter of obligation to act upon what is present in our hands from Quran (ilal akhir)

On the bottom of the third scan (p 132 from the book), in the footnote you can see comment from editor (I do assume) that said:
كان قبل هذا الباب باب يناسبه، ارتأى كثير من الأفاضل حذفه لكونه محركا لبعض المشاعر
“Before this chapter WAS another one connected to this (by meaning), a lot of distinguished (shias) were upon the view that it should be removed, because (this chapter) was some kind of ignition for some feelings”.

So let me know present for respected members the scan copies of manuscript, where this chapter remained.


As you can see it is chapter:
باب وقوع التغيير والتحريف والنقصان في القرآن
Chapter of the occurrence of the change and distortion and decreases in the Qur’an

And underlined you can see Shubbar quoting book of Kulayni sound shia hadith about 17000 verses in the Quran
So this is a chapter that can “ignite some feelings”. For example feeling of hate from Muslims.

Wa Allahu Alam.
Source: http://alsrdaab.com/vb/showthread.php?t=63493