Imam’s travelling through many worlds

Imam’s (as) travelling through many worlds

حدثنا احمد بن محمد عن الحسين بن سعيد عن ابن ابى عمير عن ابى ايوب عن ابان بن تغلب قال كنت عندابى عبد الله عليه السلام فدخل عليه رجل من اهل اليمن فقال يا اخا اهل اليمن عندآم علماء قال نعم قالفما بلغ من علم عالمكم قال يسير في ليلة مسيرة شهرين يزجر الطير ويقفوا الاثر فقال أبو عبد الله عليه السلامعالم المدينة اعلم من عالمكم قال فما بلغ من علم عالم المدينة قال يسير في ساعة من النهار مسيرة شمس سنةحتى يقطع اثنى عشر الف مثل عالمكم هذا ما يعلمون ان الله خلق آدم ولا ابليس قال فيعرفونكم قال نعم ماافترض عليهم الا ولايتنا والبرائة من عدونا


From Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Isa, from Al-Husain bin Saeed, from Muhammad bin Abi Umair, from Abi Ayub Ibrahim bin Usman Al-Khazaz, from Aban bin Taghlub who said:

“I was in the presence of Abi Abdillah (Imam Sadiq) (as), when a man from Yemen came up to Him.
Imam (as) said to him, “O Yemeny brother, are there scholars among you?”
He said, “Yes”.
Imam (as) said, “What do your scholars achieve from their knowledge?”
He said, “He travels in one night the travel distance of two months of the flight of the bird and the effects would remain.”
Abi Abdillah (as) said, “The scholar from Medina [referring to the Imam’s (as)] is more knowledgeable then your scholars.”
He said, “What does the scholar of Medina achieve from his knowledge?”
Imam (as) said, ” He travels in one hour of the day, the travel distance of a year’s travel of the sun, to the extent that he cuts through twelve thousand worlds the like of this world of yours whose inhabitants are not aware that Allah (swt) created Adam (as) or Iblees”.
He said, “They recognise You?”
Imam (as) said, “Yes. There is no obligation upon them except for Our Wilayah and the keeping away (Tabarra) from Our enemies.”
[Source: Basaair Al-Darajaat, Vol. 8, Chapter. 12, Hadees. 15]
All narrators are trustworthy. Hadees is Saheeh (authentic)
There are more narrations with the same meaning, hence making the Matn “Tawattur” (frequently narrated)

محمد بن عبدالله الرازي الجاموراني، عن إسماعيل بن موسى، عن أبيه، عن جده عن عبدالصمد بن علي قال: دخل رجل على علي بن الحسين عليهما السلام فقال له علي بن الحسين عليهما السلام: من أنت؟ قال: أنا رجل منجم قال فانت عراف، قال: فنظر إليه ثم قال: هل أدلك على رجل قد مر منذ دخلت علينا في أربعة عشر عالما كل عالم أكبر من الدنيا ثلاث مرات لم يتحرك من مكانه؟ قال من هو؟ قال: أنا وإن شئت أنبأتك بما أكلت وما ادخرت في بيتك

Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Razi Al-Jaamoorani, from Ismail bin Moosa from his father, from his grandfather, from Abd Al-Samad bin Ali who said :

A man came up to Ali bin Husain (as). Ali bin Husain (as) said to him, “Who are you?”.
The man said, “I am a astrologer.” Imam (as) said, “So you are a fortune-teller.”
Imam (as) then looked at him and then said, “Shall I show you a man who since the time you have come to us, moved through 14 worlds, with each world being 3 times bigger than this world, without having moved from his place?”
The man said, “Who is He?”
Imam (as) said, “I and if I wish, I can inform you what you ate and what you have stored in your house.”
[Source: Basaair Al-Darajaat, Vol. 8, Chapter. 12, Hadees. 13]
Comments: Just wonder how these Imams with such super power been killed?