Majlisi father and son against Quran


As-Salamu Alaykum.

Muhammad Taqi al-Majlisi wrote in his book “Sharhu Sahifatus Sajadiya” p 78:

شرح الصحيفة السجادية ـ محمد تقي المجلسي الاول ص78

والظاهر أن لعنهم في القرآن كان صريحا فأسقطهم عنه الثلاثة كما روى الكليني والكشي وغيرهما في الصحي(2) عن البزنطي قال : دفع إلي أبو الحسن الرضا عليه السلام مصحفا وقال : (لاتنظر فيه) ففتحته فقرأت فيه : (لم يكن الذين كفروا) فوجدت فيها اسم سبعين رجلا من قريش بأسمائهم وأسماء آبائهم قال : فبعث إلي : ابعث لي بالمصحف وفي كش : ثم نسيت أسمائهم.

“And as it is outward they had been cursed in the Quran in open way. And 3 (Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman) dropped curse of them as it was narrated by Kulayni and Kashi and others in /as-sahiy/ (term for sound chain of report as it is in the footnote) from al-Bazanti: Abul Hasan ar-Ridha (a.s) gave me Quran and said: “Don’t look inside”. I opened it and read “those who disbelieved” and seen names of 70 people of Quraish after this along with names of their fathers. And he (Imam) said to me: Give it back, give Mushaf back to me”. And in Kashi addition : “Then I forgot their names”.

Son of Taqi Majlisi, Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi in his book “al-Fawaidu Tarifa fi Sharhi Sahifa Sharifa” p 57 quoted his own father in short way:

الفرائد الطريفة ـ محمد تقي المجلسي ص58

قال الوالد العلامة (قده) : …. والظاهر أن لعنهم كان في القرآن صريحا فأسقطه عنه الثلاثة كما ورد في الاخبار.

“And said father of Allama ….. and as it is outward they had been cursed openly in the Quran, and 3 (first caliphs) dropped (curse) from it (Quran) as it was narrated in reports”.