Why Allah took Ibrahim as His friend

as Salam alaykum.

Shaykh of shias ibn Babaweyh in his “Uyun akhbar ar-rida” 1/76:

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عن الباقر عليه السلام أنه قال :  اتخذ الله عز وجل إبراهيم خليلاً لأنه لم يرد أحداً ولم يسأل أحداً غير الله عز وجل


From Abul Hasan ar-Rida (alayhi salam), that narrated from his father, which reported from his father (Imam Baqir): “Allah Azwajal took Ibrahim as His friend because he didn’t want anyone, and never asked anyone apart from Allah Azwajal”.

Take this prophet like key example, don’t want anyone apart from Allah by your deeds, and don’t ask anyone apart from Allah.