Shia al-Wasani and takfir on majority of nation

as-Salam alaykum.

Shaykh Hasan al-Husayni al-Wasani in his book “Nurul afham fi ilmul kalam” 2/52-53 said:

Nurul Afham fi Ilmil Kalam - Copy

P52-53 TAKFIR - Copy

فأن ذلك وما بمعناه من أحاديث الاختلاف يثبت بكل وضوح ارتداد الكثير من الامه من الصحابه أو التابعين أو غيرهم . بل يثبت كفرهم بانحرافهم فقط عن الولي المطلق عليه السلام .


And indeed this and other different reports with this meaning clearly proves that majority of this nation from companions, tabein  and others apostated from the religion. Their apostasy proved by their falling away from absolute Wali (peace be upon him).