How many years lived Salman?

If you will ask this question to shia scholars, you will be surprised.

Husayn Nuri Tabarsi in “an-Najmu Thakib fi Ahwal Imam al-Hujjatul Qaib” 2/257:

Najmus sakib Noore - Copy


“Sayed Murtada said in (book) ash-Shafi: Owners of reports narrated that Salman al-Farisi lived 350 years. And some of them said: He lived more than 400 years. And it was said: He seen Isa (alaihi salam). at-Tusi said in book al-Ghayba: Owners of reports narrated that Salman – may Allah be pleased with him, that he seen Isa ibn Maryam (peace be upon him), and remained till time of our prophet (sallalahu alaihi) and this is famous story”. And it can be prolonged till 500 years”.