Tusi on question of tafdil of Imams upon Prophets

Shaykh of that group, Abu Jafar at-Tusi said in “ar-Rasailu al-Ashra” p 328:

Risalatul Ashr - Copy

مسألة : عن قوله في التفاضل بين أولى العزم من الرسل وبين أئمتنا عليهم السلام أجمعين ، فإني وجدت أقوال أصحابنا في ذلك مختلفة .
الجواب : هذه المسائل فيها خلاف بين أصحابنا ، منهم من يفضل الأئمة على جميع الأنبياء عليهم السلام ، ومنهم من يفضل عليهم أولوا العزم ، ومنهم من يفضلهم عليهم ، والأخبار مختلفة والعقل لا يدل على شئ منه ، وينبغي أن نتوقف في ذلك ، ونجوز جميع ذلك


Issue: About his saying on question of tafdil between prophets Ulul Azm and our Imams (peace be upon all of them). I came across different saying of our companions in this issue.

Answer: This is an issue where is difference between our companions. From them people who believed in superiority of Imams upon all prophets (alayhum salam). And from them who believed in superiority of Ulul Azm upon them. And from them those who believed in opposite. AND REPORTS IN THIS ISSUE ARE DIFFERENT. AND INTELLECT DOESN’T SHOWS CORRECTNESS OF ANYTHING FROM THEM. AND WHAT IS NEED FOR US HERE, TO STOP ON THIS ISSUE. And all (above mentioned) is possible.