Friends and family members of the late king ‘Abdallah of Saudi Arabia, making Du’a for him (not to him, a difference some people don’t understand). Now everybody is entitled to think whatever he wants about king ‘Abdallah, but it is interesting that even a king who lived in palaces, is buried in the peninsula of our Master Muhammad (peace be upon him) just like everybody else, modest, simple, as per Sunnah. New outlets around the world were confused (probaby having seen all the Shia shrines of Imams and Ayatullats), wondering why a king is buried like anybody else in Saudi Arabia, but the learned amongst the non-Muslims know very well why, even they have understood that it is all about Tawhid:

Dr Tony Street, an expert in Islam from Cambridge University, says that when it comes to burial, Wahhabists are “hostile to leaving anything that might become a site for veneration”, and that they characterise their belief as “simply a commitment to utter and absolute Tawhid, the affirmation of God’s supremacy”.